MN: Man points AK-47 at daughter over grades

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by raydobbs, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Our daily dose of 'why guns should be banned' by the media, some wing-ding points his AK-47 at his daughter over her grades, charged with making 'terroristic threats'

    I'm starting to really wonder what the fsck is going on lately - it's like every DAY we hear about some gun-related problem and people's major malfunction involving firearms. :wow:

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  2. somebody that stupid had a kid that made some pretty bad grades.....figures.

  3. in other news, in chicago shaquintavious pointed a shotgun at his play cousin because he though he stole his crack rock.
  4. Disarming that guy wouldn't fix the underlying problem - him being an idiot.

    And he's making us responsible gun owers look bad to the general public.
  5. you mean like the way drunk drivers make all us responsible car owners look bad to the general public?

    if the "general public" paints all gun owners with such a broad brush we are in deed a nation of idiots.
  6. Its just a story line that they have created and they will do anything to keep it out front .

    molan labe
  7. The major difference is that there aren't tens of millions anti-car people in the spotlight, looking for a reason to keep the rest of us from driving.

    But I agree that we've become a nation of idiots.

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