MK9 Grip Screws

Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by Cobra21, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. I've lost a grip screw on my MK9 w/ standard grips. I have heard that 1911 type grip screws work. Can anyone confirm or deny?

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  2. Why not just get the proper screw for $1.10 as described at

    If you email them, they will probably send you one for free.

  3. Was just trying to see if I should make a trip home prior to a range visit. Went without one and worked just fine. I'll pick one up from Kahr. Thanks for the link...
  4. 1911 Slim Line screws work. I have torx screws on my MK9.
  5. rargos

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    Mine kept working themselves loose during firing : a couple of magazine and they would be ready to fall out. I talked to Kahr and they suggested some blue locktite - hopefully that will fix it.

    Flawless firearm otherwise - every bit as reliable as my G26.
  6. I've been looking everywhere for a long, long time for flathead screwdriver style low profile 1911 grips screws... all I ever can find is torx... I heard that 1911 screws worked in the Kahrs before, but for some reason never made the connection.. might have to try the Kahr screws in my 1911!!!!!!!
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