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  1. The 26/27 line are fantastic little guns. They are every bit as good as the compacts and full size guns. Great conceal carry guns. I've got a Pierce grip extension on mine and I shoot it every bit as well, if not better than my dads full size glocks.

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  2. Cabela's is really hit or miss with their ammo. I snagged some PMC 40 this morning. It's all about timing. Found 100 rounds of Winchester white box 40 at bass pro two or three weeks ago for 35

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  3. St. Louis area here..........
  4. Do you ever make it out to Ultimate Defense in St. Peters???
  5. F350

    I spent about 10 years in the Cape Girardeau area, had 100 acres on top of the ridge between Delta and Advance.
  6. I haven't yet. I probably will at some point. One of my buddies says it's pretty expensive. I usually stick to the conservation ranges.
  7. ihcfarm

    ihcfarm NRA Member

    Southwest Missouri here.
  8. In Piedmont,about 2 hours south of St.Louis.
  9. Mid-MO
    Jeff City

  10. O'Fallon/Dardenne Prairie here. Usually shoot at Ultimate Defense in St. Peters. Proud owner of a G22 and G27 fde.
  11. Great!!! We are neighbors.....I frequent UD too. Hope to spend more time when they get my G19 in.....just received my coupon through the GSSF. Maybe we can meet up some time....:cool:
  12. St. Charles area here.
  13. Nice!!! I work in Wentzville and my son's family lives in O'Fallon.
  14. Great place....we should start a Glock Club
    here in town....
  15. I'm just north of Kansas City. I buy most of my guns at Show Me Shooters. I've shot at the range there a few times, but mostly shoot in my back yard. :)
  16. South KC here, I agree, Show-me-shooters usually has a good supply of glocks. Nice shooting range there as well. Good folks, reasonable to deal with. There is pin-shooting on Thursday evening.
  17. Question for the guys and gals that go to Ultimate Defense. How are their prices for range time?
  18. They have different levels of participation. Anyone can go for $20.00/hour. You should check it out! (A new range is being built in Wentzville on the south service road.....)

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  19. Kcolg

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    SW Missouri.
  20. Jarhead247

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    Kansas City, Clay County. Show Me Shooters is where I usually shoot indoors, a buddies farm for out door & rifle shooting.

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