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Missing Treatment, Care Records?

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by akapennypincher, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. akapennypincher

    akapennypincher Glock-O-Holic

    Dealing with lost, or no Medical Records? What is whith those Navy Corpsman, an Doctors?

    I recently discovered that Navel Medical personal did not document a lot when I was under their care. Guess this was not an uncommon event, as yesterday I received an e-mail from a buddy I was in the Marines with. After we were talking about a Knee Injury I got in a training accident.

    He stated:, "Good luck on the knee thing but I would not have much hope.* I thrashed my knee playing on the NAS Memphis baseball team while I was going to school there and I was in a brace and crutches for 12 weeks and when I recently sent away for my Marine Corps medical records there was not a mention of it anywhere.* *There should have been X ray reports, light duty chits, etc..* Nada, not a thing."

    Honestly I can not believe he was under medical care for 12 weeks, and no records of his injury, or medical care, etc. was documented by Navel Medical Personal.

    Can not believe record of injuries, treatment was put down in black & white, and ask if anyone else has had similar problem documenting medical treatment when in service?:steamed:
  2. Unfortunately it is wide spread problem throughout all the services.

    It is pure BS in my opinion! :rant: :fist: :puking: