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Miss Little Piggy

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Wake up you Gt'er :)

    I just got back from hunting ALL day saturday. I shot a little 65lb hog. I guessing it is 65lb live-weight based on it's size and comaprison to my friend Chow mix dog which weighs about the same.

    Here's the short story of the hunt. I hunt a choked point between 2 big hammock. Normally around 5pm, the deer and hogs comes out from where ever then been hiding and start to transverse this narrow passage of heavy vegation. The whole thing is about 80yrds long and at it's most narrowest point it can't be more than 30yrds wide. I sat in the middle of this narrow spot and waited.

    Around 17:30, I saw my first deer. It came out of the Oaks, jumping and trotting quickly thru the tall grasses that border the choke point. The doe did not even see or seem tobe aware of my presence. Right at dark ( technically illegal hunting hours for me...but...) I hear a rustle and snap of a twig as something was coming right at me. My heart was pounding, but yet I couldn't see or identify what it was. Seconds later as I knew it was getting closer I stood up in hopes of getting a better view as the sun was setting and almost down and I saw it. It was small hog. I squatted down and when it was almost broadside in front of me, I let loose 1 12ga of 00B hevishot.

    the old saying of " those that wait comes bigger or better thing" or something like that. Will immediately after the shot, 2 possible 3 other black objects scurry (sp?) away very quickly. They ( other hogs ) where within 10yrds of this sow that I just shot and following her.

    (now for the rest of the story )

    Drakness was quickly engulfing me so I did a quick field dressing of the hog , tied her up and started to drag her out. About 1/3 of a mile later I realize I left something of great importance. :(

    My shotgun was nowhere to be found. In my rush i frogot to pick up my gun. So now I'm stuck witha flashlight that's starting to get weak at that and tracking my own footsteps and drag marks back to the kill spot. Luckly no deer/hog/raccoon deceide to run off with a benelli 12ga. ;f

    After I finished dragging my hog to the truck, I couldn't find a solid tree to hoist her on, to skin her. So I try'd something that I read in hunting books , I skinned her on my tailgate of the PU. One word of advice, "DON"T DO THIS IF POSSIBLE". It was pretty messy , I left alot of meat attached to the skin, and specially around the neck and shoulder. Also when i was throwin the feets and head on the side of this small service canal, I kept seeing these 4 little red "reflectors", after I loaded up the hog into the cooler. I found out those four little reflectors, where actually 2 prs of eyes attached to 2 gators, They where working the bank waiting for a free and easy meal. ;P

    I just got back home and can tell you that the hevishot buckshot worked pretty good. This sow was hit from what I can tell and recorvered, 3 times maybe 4. 2 of the buckshots pellets were recovered. One expand slightly to what I would guess is around .35-.40 diameter in a tear drop shape and the second pellet looks to be uneffected or deformed. The 2 other wound tract that I could identify was a complete pass thru and thru so nothing was recorver. I 'm guessing the other 6 pellets didn't hit the hog or when thru it around the neck area. My testing of the hevishot shot in the past has indicated that it might be better than magnum buckshot and harder, but it doesn't pattern nowhere as tightly as other buckshot loads. At 10-15yrds, I'm used to fist size groups, where as hevishot buckshot gives me a cataloupe size no matter what size chokes used.

    Well I will post pictures when I get the film back and hopefully they come out good since I took these at night.

    gun = Benelli M1 field/12ga 20" smoothbore bbl
    ammo - Remington Hevishot 00B 9ct buck
    distance = approx 15yrds
    estimate live weight = 60-65ish or so, maybe 70lb ( this was a sml hog )

    I have the heart out right now and just finish chopping and dicing it, It will be eaten for lunch tomorrow or whenever I wake up.

    good night or good morning.
  2. mpol777

    mpol777 Feral Member

    Jul 23, 2001
    Cochise County, AZ
    What's the season on these critters? Aren't you up to 3 or 4 now? That's a whole mess of bacon. ;f

  3. No season limits during the hunting season and time frames establish for them on public hunting grounds. Off season you an hunt them as much as you want and can take on private lands. They aren't classify as game-animals, so their's no restrictions on methods and such, for private lands.

    and yeap I have alot of pork in the frig. Just cooked part of this pig up this evening and gave some away to close friends.Meat was great with absolutely no gamey taste. Just wish it was bigger. ;)
  4. GlockSpeed31


    Oct 29, 2003
    S. Atlanta GA
    How did you cook your little piggy? I'm asking because I just got back from a 3 day hog hunting trip to S. GA. 1st time going hog hunting, can't wait to go back. There were 8 of us and we took 17 hogs. I shot a sow that was about 230 lbs live and a small boar about 35 lbs. Man, what a hunt!
  5. Will I only lit the fire and shuffle the coals around. My old former neighbors ( cubans ) slap some mojo season bough from the store and added a few additional ingredients like cumin and garlic and coated the whole meat with olive oil once on the grill. They only marinade the hog for about 4hrs or so. We laid her up on the BBQ, shut the lid, and check the fire every so often and flipped her just once, The lighter weight and younng age of this pig, made for some very tasty meat. The hams did come out slighty undercook so we cut that off and reinsert on the BBQ for additional 45mins.

    Young hog and a plate of beans & rice goes very good. I just wish it was bigger.:(

    But for the most part everybody got some part of the meat and was happy on what they got.