Mint .25 cal Colt junior Pocket pistol.. Is it worth buying?

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by MSims, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. So ran into a pawn shop and this .25 cal Colt junior just jumped at me out of hundreds of guns and said take me home... Just had a tiny wear on the muzzle the rest is in mint condition like brand new from colt... Doesnt have the original box... One mag and a colt holster in tan... He was asking $450 and got him down to $400 but wouldnt go lower... This reminds me of the Colt hammerless 1908 pocket pistol... But this one seemed nicer... I would keep it as a collectors piece if its considered a collectors piece and carry it and use it as a backup to my glock 30... What do you guys think? Worth it or not? And is .25 cal a good round?

    This is not the one for sale just a pic of what it looks like...

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  2. Shoot, I like it.

    I have no Idea if it was a good buy or not...........but I'd like one.


  3. If it looks like the one you show in the pic, then its a good price. you can check out gunbroker or gunsamerica for prices.

    As for .25 cal a good round? the only one I had was a Beretta .25 and it was a joke. It would jam most of the time. I would not use it as a carry gun and would op for something with more power.
  4. Those tiny baby Colts and Juniors are just so darned cute. Fun to try and figure out "How in the heck do I hold this?" One finger around, one under, opposing thumb and trigger finger. That don't feel right but it's all you got to work with.

    Worth buying...? Hmmm. Colt. No longer made. Good condition. No brainer if the money is available.

    Is the .25 good? Not really, but hey, if you get the little 'un ya gotta feed em every now and then.
  5. these were made for Colt under liscence in spain initially, then after gca 68 started production in the U.S. my brother has 3 of them I'd say 400 bucks is way too much more of a 250 dollar gun
  6. that's a great price around here, and to MajorD please let me know the source of the $250.00 guns, I'll buy a few.
  7. Astra made them for Colt,I've owned several of them... the price is way the high!!!! but they are very well made and are cool fun guns
  8. the shop I frequent (NY state) has about 3 of them in stock all under 300 bucks
  9. While I agree in principle... but with that name Colt on there, they go for whatever the market can bear, heche in Espana or no...

    Amazing isn't it?
  10. 25 acp rounds are more reliable than 22LR, that's about it. I'm not sure about the Colt, but I do know it will feed ball ammo, JHP's weren't around when JWB designed it. I have a Phoenix Raven and keep it loaded with Glazer 25ACP ammo, frangible ammo hurts!
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    CA Escapee Finally!

    I've seen some at gun shows and shops in the Denver/Boulder area with an asking price of $450-$475. At least one of them was an Astra built.

    I have one built by Astra that my Dad carried. It only feeds ball ammo.

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    I don't think it's worth much, but it's something cool to have. I'd buy it if I saw it in the store too.

    My dad has a beretta jetfire and it works great, I also have a Tanfoglio .25 that works without a hiccup
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