Milwaukee Prelims are up!

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  1. If the prelim results hold for Heavy Metal, Bryan Dover will take matchmeister from that division. It is premature to call it the win, but congratulations for an awsome score with the big dog. As this is a realatively new division has a matchmeister come from it as yet? I was ecstatic that my first heavy metal run was under 90.0 but yours cut that in half and better, good shooting brother. Here's to hoping this holds up so maybe more HM shooters will emerge!!
    Mike in West Texas

  2. I think MajorSub dilutes HM somewhat. HM is the first Division that I don't shoot if limiting my Divisions. I actually like the challenge (and aggravation) of shooting 6 plates with 7 rounds. For many shooters that isn't a factor at all. :crying:
  3. Heavy Metal is an eleven shots for plates and M division. I did not say, nor can the matchmeister come from Major Sub, which is what you refer to Sarge. You quoted my post but there was not any mention of Major Sub in my post. So my question still stands, is Bryan the first to take matchmeister from the Heavy Metal division?
    Mike in west Texas
  4. My point was - although obviously too loosely made - that there would likely be more shooters in HM if MajSub didn't exist.

    (Search and Rescue Dog - USCG) ;)

    ETA: Matchmeister is generally above my paygrade so I don't know that HM answer.
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  5. Kitty you need to clean your PM inbox, tried sending you a PM
  6. I've gotten 3 whole PMs in just 2 days. I must be getting popular, or I must have posted something controversial - again! :supergrin:

    VJ- Just click on my screen name and e-mail me if you can. If you're dead-set against it, I could perhaps clean out my inbox - but I much prefer e-mail. :)

  7. email sent
  8. Butch

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    Apparently Master Stock was a rough match ..... :wow:
  9. Not 4 U... by .04 secs. You ruined Bryan's sweep. :)
  10. Milwaukee was my first GSSF match and I had a great time. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating of a clueless newbie like myself.

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved for putting on such a great event. I'll definitely be back next year.
  11. Should be Butch ruined Bryan's sweep. :crying:
  12. Butch

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    That's exactly what we're shootin for Mike! Glad you liked it!

    Welcome to GlockTalk and GSSF!
  13. Butch

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    I guess so..... :)

    .....but I'm still not thrilled with my scores, there was something about the 5tG this time....spose they used a 'meter stick' to measure instead of a yard stick? ;)
  14. Thanks, that's :cool: if it's the first MM from Heavy Metal.
  15. Your mind was still spending that 3g you just came into. I have never shot the plates good there.
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    I just took a quick look through all of this years match results and it appears that it is indeed the first time MM in Heavy metal! (No guarantees on the accuracy of my quick look through)

    And that is indeed cool! Congrats!
  17. Butch

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    I just got Glock mail yesterday....want to see a picture of it? ;)

    I shot the plates well there this time....3 strings out of four that is, the fourth one being a nice crash. :crying:

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