Military sidearm replacement.

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  1. You would think that with those kind of statistics there would be a ton of citizens and police in the Usa carrying those. But there's not. I don't know one person that carries a beretta. WHY?

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  2. Can only be one answer for those who carried them when they were in the military. Colt 45 Cal. 1911

  3. That's actually the reason the M9 is so hated by so many people: it has several unforgivable attributes:

    1) It is 9mm, which is a NATO issue caliber which means it is part of the invisible conspiracy to get our military under control of the "One World Order".

    2) The original design of the M9 was done by an Italian.

    3) It's not a Colt .45

    For most of the people bashing the M9, no amount of reason will ever dissuade them from the above reasons for hating it.
  4. Because it replaced the 1911 as our sidearm and is thus a blasphemy on the name of St John Moses Browning. It is 9mm and everyone knows that any caliber not starting with 4 will only make your opponent angry and prone to smash you to death with your useless pistol. Seriously, I think that if the 226 had won the trials gun enthusiasts would deride Sig and SEALs would issue the 92fs just to be different.

    The M9 is a full sized pistol that doesn't lend itself well to concealed carry. It is however a well built, accurate, and highly reliable firearm provided you use decent magazines. I've owned several at one time or another and wouldn't feel particularly handicapped if it was the only weapon I had available.

    As far as the military goes, they have far more important issues than replacing a rarely used piece of equipment that is perfectly servicable for the role it is designed to fill.
  5. NVGlocker

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    I agree. I would also consider the Gen 4 Glock 19 if sticking to 9mm. Same magazine capacity as the M9, but lighter and smaller.
  6. mrsurfboard

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    Sorry, but own troops should be carrying a US made weapon, not one from some old fart in Austria who probably hates us anyway.
  7. :rofl:
  8. TN.Frank

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    Ditto, I noticed a lot less recoil with my 1911 Commander size gun in 45acp compared to the Beretta PX4 Storm in 40cal that I had. Of course 12oz extra weight might be one reason. :supergrin:

  9. I dunno,...."Fritz" helmets, Austrian pistols, heck, order up some HK rifles and we'd be ready to invade France.

  10. Well ive always felt and still do that if your going to be in the armed forces there should be 1 OVERALL(by age) STANDARD that should be met for physical fitness AND weapons qualification...if you cant meet them you need not be in the military..again just my opinion. especially in a combat related MOS..If you want keep the M9 in the loop(as there are already tons of them inservice anyways) for female troops and then use the .45 ACP for the males..thats what they used to do.....45 ACP for males .38 special for females.
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    There is one standard, male or female. I see plenty of males that shoot like 12 year old girls. Has nothing to do with strength or PT. it's a systemic lack of fundamentals.
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  12. Boats

    Boats Not Assimilated

    Why? I'd hazard a guess that there are no men in your social circles. Some chest shaving ladyboys maybe, but no actual men of the old school.

    Back when police departments actually paid for their weapons the 92FS was a popular police sidearm. Now you see a bunch of non-shooters carrying "free" lowest common denominator plastic garbage and panic shooting at suspects 60-200 times while scoring three peripheral hits.

    Ever see anyone attempting a pistol whipping with a polymer zip gun? It looks like the start of a chick fight. It looks like soccer if only soccer were more butch.

    Man up. Get a Beretta 92FS, but only if have hands that can handle a buxom American woman assets. If you can only palm a tennis ball, stay home on your dainty laptop sized keyboard and continue to disparage one of the greatest 9mm pistols ever devised.:fred:
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    Sig's or HK's of course! :supergrin:
  14. :drillsgt:
  15. My thinking is that since 9mm has been working very well for over 100 years the 9mm Magnum (.357sig) is just more of a good thing. Whether one likes it or not there's hardly any dispute that the caliber shoots accurately as a any handgun caliber and has a barrier penetration second to none among common duty caliber weapons. It makes a lot of sense to me for military application where FMJ is required, and the recoil isn't as much as .40S&W or .45ACP.
  16. exactly. as i stated in my last post if i were stuck with a 9mm i listed my weapons. if .357 sig was allowed i would for sure pick the P226 or even the slightly smaller P229 (my favorite carry piece btw).
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    Oops,........wrong page
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    The Glock 17 makes a lot of sense, as the Glock 9mm is being used in so many of the countries we are "saving". It just makes logistical sense in some terms.

    I know there are a lot of people who think we should have some rugged reliable all metal pistol and it should be USA made. Its a great idea in theory.

    Truth is the Glock is the most reliable and easily maintained handgun platform in the world. Like it or not. That includes the M&P. Glock 17 or 19.
  19. If we are staying with 9mm there is no need to dump billions of dollars to replace the M9, that is a huge waste of money. I was issued an M9 for a while, and carried one in Iraq for a couple of months, I see no reason to replace it with another 9mm.

    If switching from 9mm to something else, then fine, look at something else. I like my M&P 40 a lot, I think that in a 40, or 45 would be a good fit.
  20. I vote M9, it really has served well IMO. There are equally good choices but I really can't think of many that simply outclass it.

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