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Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by alecat88, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. I added a springfield Mil-spec to my collection then last weekend I saw a Springfield GI, So whats the difference?

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  2. The Mil-Spec has slanted serrations, a lowered and flared ejection port, larger sights, beveled magwell, and a polished and throated barrel.

    I believe that's it. :dunno:

  3. +1. THat's it.
  4. Good choice on the Mil-spec over the GI. Money well spent.
  5. In addition to what's been mentioned, if your Mil-Spec is one of the NM series it will have been finished stateside, fitted with a Storm Lake one-piece stainless barrel w/bushing to match.
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    None of it is actually 'mil-spec' but those are the differences. They tend to shoot low out of the box on occasion an there is no way to remedy except an upgrade in sights.
  7. I like to think of it as where milspec might've gone if not for NATO. Sort of a m1911 A2, if you will.

  8. I believe the milspec has 3 dot sights & the GI has low profile combat sights.
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    I thought all SA 1911 were put together stateside? Parts made in Brazil though.
  10. I don't want to put up any contraband links, but pay a visit to or

    Basically, since '85 the lower end models have been completely built in Brazil, stamped as such, and exported to SA.

    The higher end guns are sent to Geneseo as forgings, fitted and finished here.

    There have been a few crossovers, the NM numbered Mil-Specs and Champs.
  11. No, most are built in Brazil.
  12. ...and I wouldn't worry about their quality...very nicely made...

    ...although my Mil-Spec was finished in Geneseo, a buddy's was finished in Brazil and other than some minor cosmetics (dull areas darker on his on the Springer finished in Brazil and a slightly different profile front staked sight) the perform identically...

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