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Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by G20man32904, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Soldat

    Soldat Big Dwarf Rodeo

    Sounds like a plan, seeing as I still have both destroyed remotes I will start out with the lime gel. Thanks for the advice.

    My wife thinks he just has a little anxiety about us being gone because he is still a puppy. I think the lime gel will help him learn what are good nervous habits and what aren't.

    I don't think limes will work on my Blue Cattledog, she fetches limes and once a hole develops she eats the insides. He're a pic to help prove she's crazy. You can even see the limes in the background.

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  2. G20,

  3. G20,
    I have had several dogs when I was a kid, but never an inside dog. My dogs have nevr been trained except with the "come here" and "no" commands.

    My family just adopted a pure Beagle girl puppy (Lola). We have not yet had her a full day, and we all decided to keep her as an inside dog. I have been reading this thread and got some ideas like keep her on a leash when we're home and put her in a kennel (small) when we're gone. Last night when we got her the lady said that she had just fed her, so I did not feed her last night. We gave her some water then she pissed like 30 minutes after that. She drank more water then again pissed. So now I learned drink water piss in 30 minutes, and did not give her anymore water until this morning with her 2/3 cups of purina. Should I only give her food and water at certain times?

    I am also taking her outside often so she can try to pee out there, she's done it once and I taken her out like 5 times. I also started giving her a firm "NO" when she puts her paws on the coouch.

    What kind of leash do I get? A regular one or a choker? Also what kind of kennel are you talking about? Like a traveling kennel or a diffrent kind?

    Any and all suggestions you can think of would be greatly appreciated.
  4. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    bryan cc tx,
    Ok let me address these one at a time. YES you want to set-up a feed and water schedule. I would feed her about 2hrs before the last person leaves the house in the morning and 1-2 hours before bedtime. Water about 2-4 hrs or get a hamster sized water bottle and hang it on her crate if she will be confined for more than 4hours at a time.
    As far as a leash and collar, you want to find the lightest leash in a 4-6ft length and just a regular buckle collar. Due to her small small size you might need to go with a cat collar for awhile. Do not use a choker collar until at least 6mos old.
    Kennel doesnt really matter too much, I prefer the Vari Kennel
    shown [​IMG]

    But a wire crate will do just the same.
    Good luck and let me know if there is anything else I can do.
  5. Thanks alot for the advice, but the wife and I have agreed to keep the dog outside until we get tile or wood floors!

    Next question, I have taught LOLA how to "sit", "stay", "come" and "no". How can I teach her how to fetch? I have tried it several times by throwing her toy and she'll just look at it then sit and stare at me. Then I tried rubbing some treats on the toy, then let her sniff it then threw it...and still nothing from her. What gives man?
  6. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    Sorry it took me so long Bryan, sent you a pm
  7. MikeG22


    Maybe you can help me also. My wife and I bought a golden retriever puppy last Thursday. He is now 11 and a half weeks old or so. He's doing pretty good with the potty training, doesn't go in his crate at night etc.

    Now, there are two annoying things he does. The first is that when in his kennel and we leave the room he'll whine and bark for quite a while till he finally gives up. He was fine for the first day or two so we thought we were good, but it seems like he has now discovered his vocal chords and will do bark and yelp. He will quiet down eventually depending on what is going on it will happen faster. I'm not sure how to approcah this. If I walk up to the crate as he is doing this he will immediatly stop. I try saying No Bark and then staring him down. He'll just sit there and look at me. But if I then turn around and walk away he'll try to start again. I try to give him praise when he stops but I'm not sure how that is best accomplished so that he wont think he is getting praise for me comming over after he is barking. It's pretty frusterating when I get up in the morning to let him outside and then put him back in so I can catch another hour of sleep and he just won't shut up. He is not in the bedroom. Any ideas on how to best train him to stop? I had a few people say to get one of the no bark collars but I wonder if there is a better way. I'd like to stop this as soon as possible and not be re-enforcing any bad habits.

    The other is that he likes to puppy bite on hands and stuff. He's got a ton of energy and you'll be petting him and he wants to try chewing on you. We have been trying the Talk Dog method of speeking to them and it seems to be helping with this but it's a slow process. When he does I'll hold his mouth and say No Bite. Then let him go and if he stops give him praise. It's getting better but not perfect yet. Any thoughts? Thanks so much! (And he's starting puppy school in 2 weeks probably when the next one starts up, just want to do what I can before then so I don't make it harder.)
  8. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    Mike first off congrats on your new Golden, one of my favorite breeds!
    Crying in the crate is him looking for attention, whether he gets good or bad attention is up to us. There are a couple of corrections that I like to use for this, keep in mind though they are corrections not THREATS!, he cannot see or suspect they are coming. The first is a plain old water bottle set on stream (not mist) and mix 50/50 white vinegar and water. Leave this in YOUR room, walk him the am and put him pack in the crate and go back to bed. The very first whimper, whine, etc. sneak out of bed with the water and rush into his "room" and squirt him dead in the face with a super huge NO!!!! loud enough so the neighbors hear!! Then immediately turn and walk out of his room and back to bed. Repeat as needed!!;)
    If it doesn't work by the third or fourth time you aren't doing it correctly.
    Playbiting can easily be fixed like this, play with him and when he bites grab his lower jaw and with your thumb apply some pressure on his tongue, (like grabbing a largemouth bass?). We want to squezze hard enough for him to get the message but not hard enough that he yelps. Again repeat as needed!! ;f
    Good luck in your training class and listen, take note or even video tape it if the instructor will allow.
    Let me know how he does.
  9. Mr. Niceguy

    Mr. Niceguy Senior Member

    Over the past few days, my 9 month old Golden Retriever / Akita mix has aparently discovered that she can jump our three foot chain link fence with ease. I can't seem to figure out her motivation. She's not in heat. Her mother, the golden, shares the back yard with her, so she has company back there. She's not doing it to chase after animals or people that I can tell. In fact, she generally just hangs out in our front yard or our next door neighbor's front yard.

    I know that the obvious answer is to install a taller fence, but I'm hoping someone can point me in an alternate direction or offer training tips. Incidentally, Ginger (the mom) can also easily jump the fence, but has only done so a couple times over the past several years with good reason (prowler).
  10. scowan007

    scowan007 memberrific!!!


    How you feelin' these days? Hope you are getting better.

    Iggy still cries sometimes when I leave him alone, but not much. (sometimes i leave my little voice recorder to check on him).

    But here's the main thing. I REALLY want to be able to put bedding in his kennel as he is already starting to get elbow callouses, and I'm sure its better for his bones to sleep on soft instead of hard.

    Problem: I could leave Iggy in his kennel for a week (kidding) and he wouldnt mess. But if I put any kind of bedding in there, its watering time and bombs away.

    any thots?

    PS- Dogtra 1200NC collar kicks major bootie!!!
  11. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    Mr. Niceguy,
    What is the best way to put this? Well, she is jumping the fence a)because she can, or b) she is bored. My first guess would be because she can (being an Akita mix, while fantastic dogs they like to strut their status). Her status being upped because everytime she makes it over the fence you lose status because she outsmarted the Alpha. Try an Invisible Fence inside the perimeter or don't leave her out long enough to get bored. Also if she will swim, buy her one of those cheap walmart pools for kids. Great entertainment and a good way to cool off.
    HTH and let me know what your thoughts are.
  12. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    Scow whats he in now a vari-kennel(plastic)?
    Did we make it smaller?
    See here is the difficulty, he wants to be clean, but he might be imprinted from the breeder to pee/bm on a soft bedding type material. Most breeders use newspaper because its cheap.
    How about this start with something very thin such as a cotton baby blanket and see how he does. If he can push it aside after its soiled and not be in it, or on it then there is too much room in the crate still.

    For the callouses try vitimin E around bedtime(or when he is calm) followed by some bitter (apple or lime) spray so he won't lick it off.

    Never tried that particular brand of collar but I'm real weary of one on such a young dog. It's super easy to ruin a great dog and all it takes is one mistake on your part and he will never be the same.
    If you were my paying client I would tell you to hold off till at least 18 months on the e-collar. I did use one on my own dog but I waited for the 18 month mark before turning it on at all and only used it for off-lead obedience sharpening.

    Now get off the computer and go get us a Delta!!!

    ;z ;z ;z
    Let me know

    Thanks man feeling better everyday, so much that I am now gaining all the muscle weight back from 7 weeks on my back and actually gaining weight!!;Q
  13. Nickotym

    Nickotym BillofNeeds?NO!

    Any way to get a dog to not be scared of lightning? For the past few months our 8 yr old Basenji has just gotten frantic any time it starts to lightning, even if it is only heat lightning. If she sees the flashes she gets scared. Bringing her inside is not an option. She has a doghouse outside, if she gets in that and stays in, she seems fine.

    The only thing I can think of that started this for her is maybe close lightning strike or maybe fireworks, but I think she began exhibiting this long before they allowed fireworks to be done this summer. Either way, we never saw anything happen.

    Last night I was ready to throw her to the wolves. She was barking every few minutes for 1.5 hours or more at 1AM! You can only ignore a dog so long when they do this at that time of night when you have neighbors. I think it started raining finally and she went inside her doghouse and quit barking. She is pretty well behaved otherwise, but she was a rescue and we have had issues with her since we got her, but most of those she has outgrown.
  14. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased


    First off Nick,
    Basenji's don't bark, and why is bringing her inside not an option?

    I'm sorry, I am just under the opinion that unless you own working dogs they belong with the pack inside the house. There is nothing that you could come up with that a compentent trainer can't solve, with the exception of allergies in which case you chose the wrong breed.
    Sorry if this comes across as blunt but I have strong feeling about this.
  15. Nickotym

    Nickotym BillofNeeds?NO!

    Apparently she is a cross breed as she does bark. As I said we don't know her complete breeding, as she was a rescue.

    As to the not coming inside, we will have to agree to disagree, but the biggest factor is we have a 6 mo old human baby who we don't want eating doghair from the floor.

    Thanks anyway.
  16. I recently got a Pug puppy who is now 8 weeks old. For the first week or so he seemed to really understand that he is to potty outside. He would ask to go out. In the past week he has began peeing on both my bed and various items around the house including clothing. Any advice on how to make him stop!?!?!?!?
  17. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    Ok so she barks not a big deal there, maybe because she is scared and away from her pack? Its really hard to diagnose the underlying problem when the bigger problem is she is on her own.
    If you bathe her twice a month with quality shampoo and vacum, sweep, what ever, every other day, any dog hair your baby ingests will not harm it, unless your baby has a medical condition that you do not wish to share (which is completely understandable). If that is the case please find your dog a home where it can be with a pack or possibly even add a second dog to the outside pack.
    What I am trying to tell you Nick, is that your dog is miserable and that can be corrected with minimal effort on your part and actually once the routine is down it will make your life much much easier.
    Please think about it, if you need me to pm you my phone number so I can speak to you and your wife directly I would be happy to do so.

    Also found a link for you that talks about allergies and how owning a pet early in a childs life can actually reduce chances of asthma.
    Click Here
    Good luck
  18. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    Sounds like its time for crate training?? I'm guessing he is sleeping with you and peeing before you wake up? Go get him a properly sized crate and let him sleep in there with NO BEDDING OF ANY KIND!! Peeing on your stuff is over from there. It may sound cruel at first but it's honestly the best thing you can do for a dog, any dog.

    Let me know how it goes. ;)
  19. Nickotym

    Nickotym BillofNeeds?NO!

    Sorry guy, where I come from pets are pets and people are family. I see we have a very differing philosophy and I am sure your solutions would not jive with any ideas I have about the care of animals so I am done with this thread. No bad feelings, just don't think you can help me.

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