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Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by G20man32904, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. ok thanks i think i have a biger problem, he seems weak, not happy, sad, down, wont eat bones, he will walk for a lil, then lay down. he's a lil shaky i will take him to the vet tom. n e idea why?

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  2. Could be anything Sup
    Get that boy to the Vet and see what they say.
    Good Luck :angel:

  3. Blinky

    Blinky Rocket Surgeon

    That's no good man. Let us know what the vet says.
  4. ok he's doing fine...but the nutro is not going good with him..he will throw it up after a while then eat it....what should i do?? he will only eat dry mixed with wet...both nutro...but i seen him throw up the dry food only....
  5. Switch the foods very, very slowly. Like a few pieces of kibble at a time. The whole process should take about a month or so.
    Also, when you feed him, leave the food down for 15minutes, then pick-up till next feeding time.
  6. ok yah that i didnt do, should i buy the old food and start mixing it in with the nutro?....
  7. Yes
    First week 95% old food 5% Nutro
    Second week 75% old food, 25% Nutro, etc.
  8. ok i been following all food instructions, but he still wont eat all his dry food at one time, for instance i fed him today at 9am, i woke up at 430pm he still had it there, he ate very little.. n e reason?
  9. Yes, the reason is becausse you are leaving the bowl down all day.
    Give him 10-15 minutes to eat then pick the bowl up and try again at dinner. By the second or third day he "should" be eating.
  10. Another question about this damn Maltese. ;) I'm asking this for my wife really.

    The dog is about 9 or 10 months old. Anyway, 75%+ of the time, if you call him and he comes to you, and you want to pick him up or pet him, as soon as you reach down for him, he backs away really fast.

    Anyone know why he does this? I've read about other people's dogs doing this, but my in-laws have 2 Maltese the same age and they don't do this at all.
  11. Sounds like dominance to me.
    Try using treats to pick him up and also while you are holding him.
  12. You know you are probably right. He tries his very best to be the dominant one, but I never thought it could express itself in this way.

    It seems to me, in my experience, that big dogs are easier to train than little ones. I can get other peoples large dogs to do what I say and act 10x better for me than they do for their owner in under 15 minutes, but my little mini-dog isn't like that.

    When we go to the in-laws house (that have two maltese the same age), he constantly marks their yard (even though he is fixed), and when they play-fight, he loves for them to gang up on him so he can whoop both of their butts at the same time (even though he is the smallest).

    Most of the time he does the backing away thing to me much less because he knows that I am more dominant, but he does it a lot with my wife and other friends of the family.

    What are some general ways to express you dominance over a small dog like that (not necessarily just with this one issue)?
  13. SK,
    Most dogs are the same, regardless of size, but yes, some are more dominant from birth.

    The fastest way to gain dominance is to snap the leaash on the dog and tie the other end to YOU, nothing else just you. Second, always go out the door first. Always pick up the food bowl. Always stare him down when he looks you in the eye. Don't need to be mean about it, but win the stare down contest everytime. That goes for the wife too. :)
    Just be consistent with these little things and he will come around.
  14. Thanks for the advice, especially for the wife. :) Luckily I don't have to use the dominance tactics on her as much as I do the dog. :supergrin:

    I do the staredown contests with the dog and I always win but for a puny little fluffy dog he's got a pretty good staredown. :)

    edit - Also, I forgot to ask, what do you mean by "always pick up the food bowl?"
  15. LOL, I believe that, Its usually the little ones with the most attitude. :supergrin:

    Be careful using the technique's with the wife, they might land you in the dog house! ALWAYS SUBMIT TO THE LADIES! :laughabove: :supergrin:
  16. Blinky

    Blinky Rocket Surgeon

    Never leave the food out all day. This is another dominance issue. He who controls the food controls everything. Get your dogs on a feeding schedule. Leave the food out for 10-15 min, then pick up the bowl and put it away. If they didn't eat all their food, then tough. They will get the idea soon enough.
  17. ya the that leaving thew food ouot 15-min that really wrks, my dog aint no dummy, he eating now, ok i got him nutro, there some many kinds, what do i get?? my GSD 80-90lbs, n e choices??...p.s when we play he starting to like to bite my hand gently? is that good or should he not bite me??
  18. i have a 2 1/2 year old female rotti and i wanted to know if it is to late to train her to be a better guard dog? what could i do myself for this or should i take her to a pro trainer? she is a very smart dog. i house trained her myself. thanks for any help
  19. You could go with either the active formula (yellow bag), or the regular lamb and rice formula. I would only go active, if the dog gets a ton of exercise.

    No, its not ok for him to be play biting, but then again, you shouldn't be rough housing with him either. Play ball with him instead.
  20. Absolutely not to late, but you need to go thru a full advanced obedience course first. Kinda like having a gun and not understanding how to shoot it. Start with basics, and a professional trainer and they will set goals for you and your dog.

    Please don't do this on your own, you will ony make your dog not trust you anymore.

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