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Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by G20man32904, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. CentralMSGunFan wrote

    yo G I got one for you. Ball drive on my dog is awesome, She will run and go get it, bring it back, BUT doesnt want to drop it. Is there a methoid to teaching to drop?

    Not to butt in here, but for what it's worth here's another suggestion. Use two identical balls.. throw the first one, let your dog chase it and reterive it and bring it back.. as he is coming back to you, start "teasing" him with the second ball. In most cases, the dog will drop the first ball and focus on the ball your teasing him with because the first ball, or "prey" if you will, is dead and now there's new "prey" item to chase.. using two identical toys like this is done all time with schH dogs and other high drive working dogs as a fun game and as an way to help build drive. We use balls on a string, plain hard rubber balls with a short piece of rope though the middle but they aren't required. Use whatever ball toys your dog likes best. If nothing else, it's just something you can try before going to leash corrections..

    Sorry about just jumping in here..



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  2. ok any help would do, sorry bout asking so much questions, but all your guys help works..ok shedding my dogs sheds so so much and its winter, normal?

  3. Because you haven't trained with distractions. Thats the difference between a Pro helping you and you doing it yourself.:)

    Take some time into the pet store and dop some training right in the store, weekends are when they are most crowded. :supergrin:

    You have a Maltese that sheds???
    Anyway, food is a big factor, the better the food, the the less shedding.
    Second, what kind of shampoo are you using?
  4. Blinky

    Blinky Rocket Surgeon

    I know the PetSmart in Omaha will also hold classes inside the store during business hours. If you're having trouble by yourself, ask them about classes.
  5. Blinky

    Blinky Rocket Surgeon

    Yeah, if you're not definitely pick up some of the food that Mike recommends. I'm curious about the shampoo also. Mike, could you just toss out your recommendations?

    Also, supra, how often do you brush him?
  6. i have a german shepard...food, pedigree dry food, shampoo is hertz 3 in 1, brush him bout twice week
  7. Tilley

    Tilley Man of Steel

    I have a German Shepard, and what a shedder! It's the dead of winter...and she is shedding. Normal.

  8. Arghh, there is your shedding problem, Pedigree is crap food, and anything by Hertz is a waste of money.

    Slowly, (like over a month), switch him over to at least Nutromax or Solid Gold if you can find it close to you. Link
    As far as Shampoo, I like Natra D line Link Or anything with an aloe and coconut oil base is very effective. Use weekly,to bi-weekly and let sit on the dog for at least 10minutes. When bathing, do it twice.

    Also, if you don't already have one, a shedding blade is must for a GSD. Use weekly.

  9. Sorry for just jumping in here.. but for what it's worth, we have three Shepherds, soon to be four, and I agree with what G20 said on brushing.. we take like 5 or 10 minutes everyday for a light brushing and we use a shedding blade once a week or so.
    I'll also second what G20 said about kibble. Pedigree is a waste.. Nutro is way better. Take heed to switching them slowly.. start by mixing a small amount of Nutro with the the Pedigree.. do that for a couple days and then substitute a little more of the Pedigree with Nutro, do that for a couple days, and then a little more.. you get the idea.. keep going that way until you've complete eliminated the Pedigree. For what it's worth, we feed a mix of Sensible Choice and raw. Anyway, if you follow G20's advice you'll see in no time how the right food makes an incredible difference with coats, teeth, gums, etc.
    As for shampooing.. my personal opinion is that bi weekly is too often.. we shampoo our guys every 5 to 6 weeks.. that, combined with daily brushing and a good diet does wonders for their coats, and makes shedding, something a GSD is gonna do regardless, much more tolerable.. lol.


  10. Critter

    Critter Patriot Customs

    Guys, don't string me up, but I use Dawn Dishwashing liquid, blue basic stuff, on my dogs, and their coats are fantastic! I got this tip from a vet who was involved with oil slick clean-ups years ago cleaning animals. I was very skeptical, but gave it a whirl. Give it a try before you tie the noose too tight.
  11. I almost forgot, here's a few pictures of the pack.. foolin' y'all into thinking they're well trained and well behaved.. lol!



  12. That is quite the crew there Mav :thumbsup: :grouphug:
  13. Thank you sir, and thanks for sharing your knowledge, I'm sure it's safe to say that everyone here truly appreciates it! Your doin' good G20 !!!


  14. Blinky

    Blinky Rocket Surgeon

    That's for sure. I love the Corgi just chillin' with the big guys.
  15. Fine looking Pack, Mavrick.


    :reindeer: :50cal:
  16. Thanks guys.. we all appreciate it!



    and I'll spare y'all any more pictues.. lol
  17. ok ifollowed the advice and my GSD is now eating the nutro dog food, how long till when i see a signifficant change in his coat, less shedding?. and another quest. im thinking bout getting a GSD puppy, will him and my older GSD get along?, both males, or should i breed him with another GSD so he can have a son?
  18. Blinky

    Blinky Rocket Surgeon

    G20 is going to have to handle the food question.

    As far as introducing a new dog, as long as you have established yourself as the pack leader it shouldn't be an issue. How is your dog with other dogs in general? The important thing is that when you introduce the new dog you current dog has to see that you are in control of this dog. That will prevent any chance of those two fighting for dominance. Treat them both the same. Does your current dog show any signs of food aggression? If so, that needs to be addressed before introducing a new dog also. As far as adopting or breeding. That won't really matter to the dog. Personally, I think you should always adopt. I'm not sure if you talked about this before but do you plan on getting your current dog fixed?
  19. my dog is usally good with other dogs, he jus sniffs them and stuff like that, one time he seen a dog and the dog seen him, it growled at him then my dog did the same, they were prob both males and bouot the same size, as far as food aggression, he loves to eat if thats what you mean, i come out to feed him and he jumps around everywhere and gets happy, i make him sit and calm down before i feed him. i havent got him fixed yet i want to breed him....
  20. Sup,
    Its going to be awhile, especially if the dog is an outside dog. The dirtier he gets the more he sheds. Much easier to keep an indoor dog clean. I would say minium of 2-3 bags of food.

    Like Blinky said, if you are the alpha, no problems with another dog.

    Do us all a favor and DON'T breed your GSD. If your not going to do it for a living then please don't even bother with it. There are way too many dogs in this world now that need good homes, all because their owners wanted to breed them "once".

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