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Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by scottMO, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. scottMO

    Moderator Millennium Member

    How about a Midwest Glockers Forum for those in Missouri,Kansas,Nebraska? other states?

    Sound off!!


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  2. Sure :cool:

  3. vegarider

    vegarider BIG DAWG 1484

    I'm down widdit!
  4. I'd be interested, too
  5. we could all talk about corn...kinda like that episode of Family Guy:)
  6. Add some amber waves of grain talk for Kansas, count me in.
  7. Sounds good. When I think MO, KS, NE, I also always think Iowa. Of course that might be because I lived there before LoL.

    It looks like many of the Heartland states are without a club here. Time for a change.
  8. +1 for a corn club. :)
  9. ReyFufuRulesAll

    ReyFufuRulesAll Pantless Wonder

    WI is technically midwest, right? :supergrin: :supergrin: :supergrin:
  10. Well, I ain't one of you, but I'll use a vote to help.


    :reindeer: :50cal:
  11. fireman1969

    fireman1969 My Reason

    Count me in.
  12. Include the Hawkeye State and I'm in
  13. include the Okie state and I'm in as we are considered part of the 4 state region
  14. Tecumseh

    Tecumseh Libertarian

    Corn is good.

    Could we call ourselves the corny Glockers? I know it was a corny joke but hey? :supergrin:
  15. I'll put a vote in for you guys only if you take the name Corny Glockers. :supergrin:
  16. fireman1969

    fireman1969 My Reason

    Love the name "Corny Glockers". Now I'm really all for it.
  17. +1, New to Glock Talk, moving to Kansas from California but long time Glockaholic (since first generation 17). Count me in.
  18. Easterbrook

    Easterbrook Wagon Burner

    +1 I'm in Missouri for the summer. Count me in! :drunk:

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