Michigan Dad Decides to Open Carry .45-Cal. Handgun at His Daughter’s Schoo

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by HerrGlock, May 4, 2013.

  1. pizza_pablo

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    I think you should give more credit to "the public". I believe there are more sensible folks than retards. The retards just get a louder voice because they have the support of the MSM and administration....for now.

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  2. steveksux

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    It was already on the chopping block to be closed in the last round of gun law changes which Snyder did not sign.

    Its on the radar.


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  3. Lord

    Lord Senior Member

    One good reason is the same as why you have a permit to carry. Another good reason is the same as why you have the right to keep and bear. Another good reason is the first amendment. another is the second. then the third...

    27 pretty good reasons. Why have a right if it's not used or exercised. Give me one good reason why one shouldn't exercise their rights.
  4. Yes, id like to give more credit, until this last election results. More than majority fell for the liberal msm bull****.
  5. Wow. I did not know that.
  6. I'm 100% for law abiding citizens having the right to carry firearms. However, the majority of the public will NEVER be comfortable with other citizens OPEN CARRYING in public, certainly not public schools where children are. I can carry anywhere here, but choose never to open carry, partially for this reason and more so because its just not sound safe tactics. And I fear that the more open carry there is where citizens call the police (the majority of the time) it will not only be open carry that the lib's target, but ccw as well. And we all know that the msm is definately not on our side on this one.
  7. redbaron007

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    How do you know the majority will not accept it? That's a very blanket generic statement/opinion. I think you are wrong. I haven't had any issues with MWG while open carrying. And from the LEOs in my area, they haven't responded to very many over the last several years. Your presumption seems to be an internal fear you have; not factual.

    The second underline part is the point...it is a choice. You choose not to, I choose to do so. Why should I not? Because YOU have feeling otherwise? Of course not.

    To the third underlined.....Why isn't it safe tactics?

    More open carry will effect CCW? Not sure I follow that train of thought. In my state it isn't so. Our legislators just passed open carry with a CCW in those places a municipality has prohibited it. they also just reduce the CCW age to 19. they also allowed teachers to carry in school.

    So, no offense, you reasoning doesn't hold a lot of water with my state.


  8. Some gunowners are our own worst enemies and might as well campaign for the anti-gunners for all the good they do.

    How can anyone with a brain cell complain when someone OC's because, "It might get banned". If no one is OCing for that reason, then it already is banned by default. Get a clue.

    When someone complains that, "The more people OC, the more complaints there are going to be by scared people." How do think the public will ever get conditioned to see guns as normal if they don't ever get used to seeing them?

    When somone says, "I CC and would never OC and you shouldn't either", they are as bad as the liberal politicians who say, "I can own a gun and have bodyguards but you can't." Freedom means not restricting other peoples choices even if you don't agree with them. Don't spout off about being Pro-2A if you don't want people to OC because that would make you a disgusting hypocrite only believing in the 2A as it suits you. Just like Fudds saying they are Pro-2A but don't think people should own ARs or standard capacity magazines.

    One of the worst complaints on this thread is that the guy in the news report and everyone else has no conceivable business carrying at all in a school. You are the reason why Pistol-free zones exist and why we now have victim-only zones for mass-murderers!
  9. pizza_pablo

    pizza_pablo USN Retired

    I do not believe obummer "won", on the up and up. I believe many "votes" were rigged.
    He did not win in any districts where voter ID is required.
    MANY precincts reported over 100% of the votes were returned (Ohio and Florida to name the ones I read about). Supposedly EVERY precinct in Philadelphia went 100% for you-know-who. No, I do NOT believe this last "election" was anything of the sort.
    Ron Simms was in charge of voting, for King County (Seattle), WA, when the governors race was stolen from a Republican after three recounts, which were not recounts, but had added "found" votes.
    When obummer "won" the first time, he promptly put Ron Simms on his cabinet. Most likely figuring 'if a Governor's race can be fixed, why not a Presidency'.
    Am I skeptical of the entire system? YES! Heck! I don't hardly watch sprts any, because I think that is all rigged too.
  10. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    I OC into NH because I don't have the $100 CCW license yet. No one seems to care much.
  11. Bruce M


    I realize that it is not representative of all states and all political circumstances but open carrying certainly did not work as well as one might have hoped in California. I think that type of political result is what some of the "hypocrites" fear. Some of these fights will be won with what happens and influences those in the middle who are neither especially for gun rights or especially for gun control.
  12. Lord

    Lord Senior Member

    you know, LET the citizens (the dumb***es that they are) call the police. You know what that would mean? that means that the word would get out. "Law abiding citizens are legally carrying firearms where criminals would normally think is a gun free zone". sounds like a good method of deterrence to me.

    Fear is not an option for exercising rights. If we succumb to fear, then the gun control idiots win by nothing more than default. The more we back down, the more likely they are to try to impose more. Sorry, but that's not an option for me. If it is for you, then maybe you should join the ranks of the sheeple.
  13. The purpose of recording is so if he ends up in court for any number of reasons there will be video and audio evidence of what happened.
  14. “I am not in handcuffs,” the father says in the video as he makes his way to his car. “How about that? Exercise your rights.”

    Just make sure you call first.

  15. PhotoFeller

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    I'm still trying to figure out why any mature adult would open carry in a school just because he/she can. What, beyond the 'cool' factor, is accomplished?

    Did this chap favorably impress the school administration, other students' parents, the cops, the local citizens or any audience simply because he understands the current law and open carried because he can do so legally? Did he advance the cause for firearm owners in general in a lasting way?

    My personal opinion is that acts like this are viewed by the general public as 'showing off' at best and 'threatening' at worst. Not many will think "There is a citizen exercising his right to bear arms".
  16. I am not too sure I would want the school administration, staff, etcetera, getting used to unknown/identified armed people approaching the school, without being alarmed. Especially if the school has no one armed.

    I am also sure that it is just a personality quirk of mine and someone will be along to tell me how that will actually keep the kids safer, or how exercising a right is more important.
  17. He feared enough to make a few phone calls.

    I guess it helped ensure just what kind of circus he was going to be involved in.

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  18. The creep that attacked me and received an 85 year sentence promised to kill me when he got free. If I have to disarm at the school, he could just lie in wait for me to come out and he would know I didn't have any way to defend myself and he could accomplish his goal. If I am legal to carry in the school, then he would know I may be able to defend myself and that may stop him from trying to kill me.
  19. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Best of luck to you Lady Glock. Keep shooting until the attacker is down for good!

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