Michigan Dad Decides to Open Carry .45-Cal. Handgun at His Daughter’s Schoo

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by HerrGlock, May 4, 2013.

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  3. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    Dare I say open carry done right for once?


  4. I do it right every time I leave my house.
  5. How so, "done correctly"?

    With a .45, or because he notified everyone, or...?
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  6. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    Done right from the standpoint open carry with a concealed pistol license is the only legal way for the general public to carry in schools in MI.


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  7. Amazing wasn't it! Legal open carry in a PUBLIC SCHOOL and no one died! No body had a heart attack, no liberals were harmed!:rofl:
  8. I still think he had a peg leg like a pirate
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  9. Still wish Gov Snyder would have signed the bill and eliminated "pistol free zones." They aren't even pistol free because you can open carry with a CPL in them...

    I would rather CCW and avoid the hassle. I occasionally OC, but the majority of the time its just easier to CCW.
  10. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Good job- no one got hurt.
  11. The more people that test this, just to prove a point, will be the downfall of the loophole in the law that, for the time being, makes this still legal.
  12. mj9mm

    the interesting part for me was that the children didn't notice.:cool: maybe they haven't been fed the BS that many liberal districts push.
  13. Bruce M

    "... his wife was not happy with him over the stunt."

    It is usually difficult to predict the future accurately, but I would guess this may be the result.
  14. Yes, unfortunately its a matter of time. I cringe when I hear these stories because it gets so much bad media attention and in the end, it will have a negative affect on gun carry laws. Which is the exact opposite of what ccw/cpl holders want.
  15. He was there for a reason. He wasn't doing it to prove a point. Many have OCed in schools especially on election day. No real issues.
  16. Is Michigan the only state that allows any type of carry in schools?

    Can teachers open carry in Mich?
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  17. Wasn't doing it to prove a point? :wow: Isn't that EXACTLY what he was doing? Now, it's fine if you agree with his point, but he was certainly aiming to prove one.

    He notified various law enforcement agencies and recorded it for publication. Parents don't typically do that when they go to pick up their children. This wasn't causal happenstance that just ended up on Youtube somehow.
  18. Lord

    Lord Senior Member

    that deputy, while acknowledging that there is nothing she can do about it (legally), seems to be chomping at the bit... bet she was just waiting for the proverbial "one wrong move".

    Thanks to that Dad for illustrating that we're the good guys! FrankenFeinstein, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Dems, obama... the rights stealers.. .they're they bad guys!
  19. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    Because he made his point without acting like the typical activist. He made his point respectfully and tastefully.

    It's my opinion that guys like this are more likely to do the open carry cause good than those that act like jerks and look for trouble with the police, even if they don't think their actions are doing so.

    The open carry movement needs more guys like this.

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  20. That's BS from the deputy about the kids being scared. Kids think guns are cool. And ask the kids in Israeli schools, when their teachers have M1s on their shoulders, if they're afraid. We teach them what's normal. The whiners are trying to inculcate a baseless fear and loathing of firearms in kids and they ought to be (a) ashamed, and (b) run out of town on a rail.
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  21. After all the school shootings across the country. And you think open carrying a gun inside a school amongst school children will help the ccw/cpl cause? Yeah, it sounds good and all "because he stood up for the constitution " and "he was within his legal right ". I can assure you its not helping the cause. Within time and more of this type of incidents occurring, the state legislatures will eventually feel compelled to change the loophole in the law to prevent these people from "trying to prove a point ". stay tuned and soon I will say "I told you so "

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