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Michelle Suggests Republicans are Liars

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by snerd, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. snerd


    Apr 20, 2007

    This isn't a mocking thread, so hopefully it will stay open. This woman is heavily involved in promoting her husband and has injected herself into the political conversation. That makes her fair game I would think.
  2. engineer151515


    Nov 3, 2003
    The Obama's have become professional campaigners. They have taken the role of community organizer to it's zenith.

    Too bad they (both) don't know how to govern, compromise or balance a checkbook.

  3. dbcooper


    Mar 2, 2011
    Is there anyone who doesn't know that both sides have their own version of the truth and the reality is found somewhere inbetween.

    Repubs lie
    Dems lie
    Indies lie

    politicans lie period, it's easy to tell when they are telling a big one- their lips move.
  4. All politicians are liars..........lying is the lesser of her character flaws.
  5. steveksux

    steveksux Massive Member

    Jul 12, 2007
    Not disagreeing with the "politicians lie" at all. But in all fairness, people don't want to hear the truth. If telling the hard truth got you elected, politicians wouldn't lie. All the blame doesn't lie (so to speak) with the politicians.

  6. Deployment Solu

    Deployment Solu Kydex Crafter

    Jul 18, 2007
    Pot calling the kettle????
  7. sheriff733

    sheriff733 NRA LIFE MEMBER

    Nov 4, 2007
    Well if that's not the pot calling the ket...

  8. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Sep 28, 2009
    Or tell the truth. Epic liar is lying.

    Easily the most dishonest president ever.

    "We tried it their way and it didn't work. Ours did!"

    Remember that one from the campaign? He actually said it with a straight face!

    No, he didn't try it "their way" The way of Reagan, when we were pulled out of a recession twice as bad as the one he was elected to in only two years?

    We're still in yours, idiot. Your way not only hasn't worked, its made things worse. Deliberately. You haven't given an inch to those who have real solutions, you just keep pursuing your failed socialist dogma.

    Then uber-liar Bill Clinton, regarded as a financial genius by people with selective recall, intellectual dishonesty and reading disabilities said something to the effect of NO ONE, not even ME could have done better with that recession.

    Horsesheet. Reagan could have done it in half the time. And, your tax increases slowed things down.

    Your administration didn't enjoy prosperity till the 94 congress came in and forced tax cuts by a speaker who actually had some balls.

    That was then followed by a tech revolution where we could thank Michael Dell, Bill Gates and to some extent, Alan Greenspan for keeping rates low. Conditions so great if a MONKEY had been president we would have been just fine.

    While we're at it, that economy doing fine left more than enough time for you to monitor foreign policy overseas, which you squandered by diddling the help and while distracted missed chances to put a missile in bin Laden's tent, sparing us 9/11 and the trillion dollars it cost us, and perhaps not screwing up Somalia which inspired bin Laden to attack us in the first place, putting that blood on your hands along with the sailors of the USS Cole and those 2 African embassies. So stick that wagging finger up your butt then take a lick.