Miami Gun SHow Saturday

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by GlocknSpiehl, Jun 28, 2013.

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    Worth the trip or don't bother?
  2. Last year I was lucky enough to get my Austrian proof marks G26 with strange marks and Meprolights, brand new for a good price.


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    OK, I went and, surprisingly, it wasn't too bad at all! Lots of firearms available, some at reasonable prices. Good amount of ammo too, again, some at reasonable prices. I actually found a couple of things I wanted: a nice cleaning kit for less than half price, a nice holographic sight, a spare magazine for my new Taurus.

    Of course, heard a lot of the usual BS too: "oh, prices are never coming down on (ammo, Glocks, magazines, etc) because of (Obama, IRS, space aliens), so you need to buy my 50 rounds of .22 for $34."

    Was at one table where they had .40 S&W for $40 for 50 rounds. I laughed at them and told them I just bought a box for $23 3 tables away.

    If you took your time, there were bargains to be had. I wasn't looking to buy firearms, so I didn't really compare prices too much, but some of the ones I saw seemed priced ok. I would go again next time.

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