Mexican drug war. Do you think its

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  1. Have you read up on Columbia recently? The cartels never went anywhere. Where do you think Mexico gets the cocaine that we as a nation put up our noses?

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    I never said Colombia was rid of it's cartels. And FARC is still present. But the exploding violence that plagued the country in the 80s & 90s, like what is happening in Mexico today, is nowhere near as prevalent.

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  4. I'd say its worse now than it was when Escobar was still around...the difference is simply a matter of "logistics"...they have moved closer to the border and are, I believe, in the process of crossing it!

    Ol' Pablo blew up a few people, but he done all of it down there...these new guys are even doing it on our side of the river.

    How is that not worse?
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    Supply/Demand is how one gets rich in this country.'08.
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  7. Nope, worked just fine.
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    -There is huge demand in the US.
    -The US Government flooded drug producing nations with $ in the "War on Drugs".
    -The production & distribution has simply moved closer to it's user and further from "The War".

    That is why I always get a kick out of terms like "Mexico's Drug War". For the most part they are simply caught in the cross-fire of what have historically been the largest producers and the largest users.
  9. Columbia aint fixed. Where do you think the cocaine comes from? Not Mexico.
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    It was predestined to fail from the start, as was ours.

    "Wars" against inanimate objects or human behaviors tend to fail. Government prohibition against specific commodities create black markets and drive up the price of the prohibited commodity. This in turn provides great incentive for criminal elements to focus on the high-value activity of smuggling the prohibited commodity. Meanwhile, none of this has any effect on demand.

    This is one of those realities that has been proven and observed time and time again, yet we continue to think we can change the reality if only we throw more government at the problem. This is the "conservative" version of a statist mental disorder often attributed only to "liberals" - it's the flip-side of the welfare state coin: the nanny state.
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  12. If they wanted it to stop, they could stop it. If we wanted it to stop we could stop it. However, it benefits too many on both sides to stop it.
  13. Considering that the Obama regime is supplying weapons to the drug cartels, I would say it doesn’t look good for improvement.

  14. :dunno:

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    The US lost its national backbone with the completion of WWII. Since that time, we've been a country of wobblers and spineless jerks. If we were willing to do what it takes to rid ourselves of Mexico's spreading disease, we could. Reapers work well, as do Predators. Closing the borders and insuring that they stay closed work also. You need to keep forcing the issue, and you need to learn to treat the enemy like an enemy, not like an estranged family member. I'd deliver paraquat to the Mexican poppy fields and marijuana fields by drone. It works well to kill the plants, and at the same time makes the product less than desirable because it's carcinogenic. And that's just for starters. Spraying the people maintaining the fields with paraquat isn't a bad idea either.

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