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Metrillo's Recoil Buster

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Young Once, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Have any of you had any experience with this device/contraption? Does it really reduce recoil? If it does, what about slide to frame battering, is it severly affected or is it the same as when using an ordinary solid guide rod? Will appreciate your inputs regarding this. Thanks one and all.
  2. i have shot a friend's 40 cal gun customized by metrillo with a recoil buster, and it felt close to my open gun when i was still loading 9.2 grains, making MAJOR MAJOR :) 205 PF...

    i really like the feel of the slide in battery it was so smooth and coupled with the barrel weight he added to the gun, it was almost shooting flat...

  3. s0nny_g17


    Jan 19, 2006
    Quezon Province
    whats a recoil buster? picture naman po please
  4. looks like this although this is STI made.


    it dampens the felt (?) recoil of heavy caliber guns. although I think a few have tried this with their open guns
  5. jasonub


    Sep 28, 2003
    Metrillo has the triple spring recoil system.

    Shot a friends gun with the carry weight and the recoil system and it shot flat at the 170+ pf.

    Never shot his gun again since i was thinking of chopping my svi to get the same results:supergrin:
  6. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    Any idea what spring materials they use? And did any BOG experience the recoil system functioning using low loads?
  7. I also dhot a friend's standard gun with the contraption installed, and I have to admit that I shot it quite well as compared with my gun. However, it seems na parang sobrang lambot ng balik ng slide. Won't this damage the frame? I was thinking of installing this on my gun, but I can't decide yet until all inputs are considered. Thanks again.
  8. mtho


    Nov 18, 2005
    how much does this cost? whats the contact number of metrillo and where are they located?
  9. jasonub


    Sep 28, 2003
    remember that the recoil system of the pistol i shot was a combination of what to do on standard pistols for it to shoot flat and soft

    first is the carry weight. the massive amount of weight in front of the barrel ala comp. secondly, the slide was lightened, this is done by the normal lightening cuts and by cutting about 1 inch of the front of the slide to accompany the carry weight.

    then there is the triple spring, that you may be able to simulate with an 11 pound recoil spring and some buffs.

    then there is the long dust cover and the weight of the para frame.


    durability is in question- the slide was hacked and lightened tremendously. dont know if it will hold up but so far Teody's pistol is great.

    slide to frame- His old pistol was getting loose and it was just around 2 years old. compared to my pistol and about 33t rounds, his pistol rattles a little when shaken. mine doesnt.

    note that this was his old pistol, his new pistol is still tight.

    reliability- had some issues at first and fails during matches(i think it was magazine related, since mukang nawala na when he had it checked at metrillo)

    another pro- he has a 20 round ipsc box legal magazine thats, reloadable! Metrillo cut more of the the top of his slide to burry the bo mar really low so he can make a magazine with more capacity.

    It shoots real soft and flat like an open without the dot sight

    Well thats all folks.