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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by the monk, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. FYI - I picked up one of the CDNN police trade-ins as the price was right at $389. Just wanted to report that they are in great shape. Only come with one mag. They do have factory night sights.

    Mine was in great condition. It does have a small scratch where it looked like the armorer was having issues with the center pin. Other than that there is very limited holster wear if any and is smooth as silk.

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  3. LE trade ins can be very solid bargains,Congrats ! SJ 40

  4. Tango 1Zero

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    I bought one about a year ago from really happy with it.
    Some edge wear from holsters but like new inside. Night sights were a little dim but still work good enough for nightstand duty.
    Shoots and functions perfectly. Mine also had one mag.
    I called and asked about it first but from what I see most of the Police trade ins are about the same. You might have a dud every now and then but that can be expected.
  5. i just ordered one of these today. I'm hoping that they do not have any erratic ejection issues like my gen4 g34. The guy on the phone said he thought they were at least 5 years old, so I'm thinking I should be good to go. I'll post back with a pick when i get it. I hope to have it this Friday if they are able to ship like they planned.
  6. do you have to call to order from them? that catalog they have on the page looks like some really good deals. the website url is cdnninvestments right?
  7. yes you have to call. I bet i called 50 times today to get through two times (first time to ask about it and then get my ffl set up). They have no call waiting system, or its broke now, and are having a ridiculous amount of calls due to the panic buying going on right now.
  8. Here ya are.

    SJ 40
  9. My favorite Glock.. Thanks. Time to buy 2!
  10. really? I didnt think it was that good of a deal: 399 + ~23 shipping + $25 FFL fee = almost 450 bucks for a used glock with only 1 magazine and no box. for just a little more you can get one from aimsurplus with their bryanfreakinrocks code that comes with case, cleaning rod/brush, 2 mags and is brand new. I bought mine because I had bad luck with a gen4 and dont want to take chances with new production glocks again, although my gen4 g26 works fine. If this gun i bought used has problems I'm sure glock will not be as likely to pay for me to ship my gun back to them and thats 75 bucks coming out of my pocket for next day shipping as thats whats required. I'm just hoping this gun works okay and doesnt have any issues. I love glocks, as this is my 7th one. I'm just not very confident with the new ones at the moment. I won't have my g34 that i sent in with problems until mid January at the earliest. That means it will have been there for over a month.
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  11. Well still less than what they're going for around here. I with you on the gen4's, but not because of the reliability. I just hate the grips with the mediums on. It just doesn't flow with the gun. Also I hate the gen4 trigger. No matter what I've tried with it to modify it it's never a gen3 trigger.
  12. I love the gen 4's, but can't stand the brass to the face and weak ejection. I especially like the texture and magazine release, although i can live with everything on the gen3's I just wish they had the gen4 mag release, that has gotten me spoiled.
  13. Ok, going to buy my first Glock. Have it narrowed down to 2 choices. Looking for advice from the experts.

    The reason I have questions is basically because; 9mm or 40Cal? Which is the best route to go?

    I went to a gun show and handled all the currently available sized Glocks. And, I came to the conclusion that the 19/23 size was the perfect size for me.

    So, Logic dictates that either a Glock 19, or a Glock 23, would be the correct size for me personally. Only problem is; now I need to decide on either 9mm or 40 Cal.

    My personal circumstances allow me to have only 1 gun. I am not able to own both.

    If you could only own one GLock;, in either the 19 or the 23, which one would it be, and why?

    I realize there is quite a debate as to Caliber size. But I am honestly willing to make my decision based on this forums opinion.

    So... Which one is it? The Glock 19? Or the Glock 23?
  14. :welcome:
    I guess I would have a question for you in order to offer advice, how much shooting experience do you have?

    It is easier to learn to shoot well in my opinion with the 9 mm,even thought I am a 40 fan. That said I could live with either. SJ 40
  15. If you are not a practised shooter, go with the 9mm...less recoil, cheaper to practice with. Myself? .40 G27 and G22
  16. G19 first, after you get proficient with that I would get the G23

    My favorite Glock for carry and home defense.

    Both calibers are good with the correct ammo.
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  17. Willfulone

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    Well... you will get a bunch of answers

    What is the guns primary purpose?

    Is is a home based gun or a carry weapon?

    A .40 is kind of down the middle. kicks more, not as easy
    to get off accurate repeat shots.

    Personally I like to carry a 9mm
    Keep a .45 for home

  18. AK47Man

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    Got my new Gen3 G17 for $479.00 out the door. Three mags (came with two; My dealer threw a new one in with it)..I added Glock OEM night sights, Glockmeister Backstrap Channel Plug, and a Lightning Strike captured stainless RSA..Just shot it again yesterday at the range...Used a 33rd Glock mag..Rapid fire at 7 yards..All head shots..!!! Love this gun..!! New Gen 3's are about $70 to $90 dollars less than the new Gen 4's in the Saint Louis, MO. area...Congrats on yours.!!!
  19. Thank you for the replies!

    It will be m first gun. And I have no handgun experience.

    I am looking for a weapon that I can not only carry, but will be a good home defense weapon as well.

    One would think that a 9mm would be a good choice in this situation. But I would hate to buy a 9mm, and then be wishing shortly thereafter that I would have purchased the 40Cal.

    Basically, what I am looking for is: First gun, and last gun, all in one. What is the best "Bang, for your buck" if you can only have one?
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  20. Buy the .40 and spend the extra $125.00 sometime down the road on a conversion barrel and a couple of 9mm mags... Best if both worlds and financially pretty cheap

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