MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Best I've done is $25 shipped. Meh.

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  2. Midway usually sold them for about $23 a piece.

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    To z71bill - Your post may pay off for me. I just placed an order for 5 G21 mags after I saw your post. It was gratifying to fill an equipment gap at pre-panic prices. Thanks for the Intel.
  4. I've got three of them and they are fun. Never a glitch and having my own space to shoot whenever I want makes them even somewhat practicle .

    Imagine: Two comfortable camp chairs , three 33 rd. mags , quality time with old friends . Two shots and pass it over. Just relaxing and having fun but also bragging rights are strong so it is serious fun.

    You've heard the fish stories ? Well , we got some pretty good shooting stories to match........! :supergrin:
  5. I used to wait till they went on sale at 19.99 and bought 2-3 at a time then. I wonder if we'll ever see that price again.
  6. I buy most of all my stuff from a local gun shop here in the boonies. I bought five 17 rd. $24 each and another 33 rd. $45 .

    For an out of the way in the boonies , it's a pretty nice store.
    RT. 66 Sporting Goods. Just east of Clarion PA. It's got just about everything !
  7. I contacted GTDIST yesterday - about 13 round G21 mags -the guy said - and I quote

    "No problem WE have a TON of them."

    I think you will be fine.

    My MIL lives in Austin - I checked the map - GTDist is only about 3 miles from her home.

    So - next time I go see the MIL I will make a trip over and give them some FTF business. It is a WIN WIN WIN - gives me a reason to want to go visit the MIL, Gives me an excuse to get out for a while while I am there & allows me to buy some gun stuff. :supergrin:
  8. Better get used to it. And you may look back and think how good that price was. After the first ban and before it expired, I paid $70 for 15 round magazines for my G20. Didn't buy many but at the time all I had were the 2 that came with it.
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  9. 10 round mags are not going to be a problem to find. The ones with +10 capacity will.
  10. I don't think there will be a shortage of baby Glock mags but 10 rd restricted mags for fullsize and compacts could be hard to get as well. I predict that next we will see people running around to get those Restricted so in case there is a full out ban on high cap magazines. I lived in a restricted state and those 10rd mags were bringing high premiums.
  11. The email I got from Bo. Tactical.

  12. Learn something everyday, I was unaware of a restriction on 10 round mags :wow:. No restriction in Texas.

    Just checked all my mags and the only 10 round or less that I have are for my 27. Have several pre ban plus lots of ones marked restricted for LE/GOV that were legal after the ban expired and the priced dropped.
  13. Good intel on gtdistributors. Thanks!
  14. Glockstore have them all shapes and sizes... I picked up 4 of them, about $30 ea, plus some new springs for my old G22 15+2 rounders...
  15. Thank you! The most obvious one to check you would think lol I just got 1 33 rounder, and 3 G17 mags. All Glock factory mags. I think I'm good on 9mm mags now :cool:
  16. Wow they had a bunch left in stock when I posted.
  17. I just tried to order some and the websit said out stock. So I just tried to order one, said the same thing, out of stock. :crying:

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