MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. I paid 22 with no tax and free shipping from b-tac. Saw them for 25 plus shipping on other sites. Gun shows were in the 20-30 range depending

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  2. Glock OEM Magazines between 20.00 to 30.00 each. SJ 40

  3. After watchng Obama's speech Sunday night, I ordered 2 each G22 and G23 mags for $25 each from Glockmeister. Order processed no problem. I checked back on Monday and the price was $29.99. I checked back Wednesday and they were all gone.
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  4. The last ones I purchased for my G22 were $24
  5. Yup... I bought some over the summer on sale for 19.99.. then last month for I noticed them going for 24... yesterday I ordered a couple more... just because, 27 ea....

  6. 24.99 two days ago from Midway USA, shipped already. 10 rd for G30SF
  7. I paid $22 with free shipping for the last ones I bought. Today I paid $25 plus shipping and hated that but what do you do. If I held out and waited I might of ended up paying double that.:steamed:
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  8. E-2-E

    E-2-E Long Trail

    I just sold a bunch of new G17 $22.00 each
    LE marked excellent for $18.00 each
    G18 $32.00 each
    All sold here in the classified section during the last two days. I do not believe in gouging, actually more than happy to help everyone out.

    Now, prices may change in the coming weeks. AR mags are moving slow on another forum for some reason.
  9. I ordered four hi-cap mags Sunday night after watching Obama's speech. Paid $25 from Glockmeister. Checked back the next day and they were $29.99. Checked back the next day and they were all gone.
  10. One site I just visited had some G21 mags in stock....$40 a pop...**** that noise...
  11. I was buying them at GT Dist for $22.
  12. Went to my LGS today to purchase another G26 and picked up 5 factory mags for $20 a piece. Glad my LGS is honest and keeping the prices right!
  13. 20-22 is what I saw them for. Sometimes a little less on sale.
  14. Last I bought a year ago was 5 for $100 any size in Stockbridge Ga.
  15. $22-25 online + shipping....$30 at LGS....comes out about the same.
    Now? Who knows....
    Glad I learned my "lesson" in 2004!
  16. True...unless your 21 came with just one!
  17. Natchez......19.95
  18. I just got a UPS tracking number from

    My five 13 round G21 mags are scheduled for delivery on 12/24/2012.

    UPS - on a normal day - delivers to my house around 5:30-6:00 PM -- feel sort of bad if the UPS guy gets home late on Christmas eve.
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  19. I saw a guy on Armslist selling two of them in 9mm.

    200 BUCKS EACH!!! :faint::faint::faint:
  20. Went to the LGS to pick up a 23Gen4 after the mandatory 72 hr. waiting period and finally located 2-22rd magazines. Paid 39.99 a piece + tax and was darn glad to finally find them. Hope your all having better luck then I'am. Edit: Also picked up 2 additional 13rd mags. for 27.99 a piece plus tax. Customers lined up out the door for 25 yards and not a discount to be found.
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