MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

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  2. Grabagun has g22 magazines in stock. I bought 2 yesterday and got my shipping notification today. They aren't shown if you navigate the menus, but they come up if you search by the part number (which is probably the only reason they didn't fly off the shelves already.)

  3. It's worth mentioning that grabagun's prices include shipping.
  4. I ordered a few G19 15 rounders from Lone Wolf back in Dec and received the shipping notice last week. Just looked up the UPS tracking and saw them go from Idaho to Washington back to Idaho and back to Washington but now appear on their way to my door. I was not in a rush so no biggie and I'm pleased they honored the original price. Just thought I'd share if anyone else ordered from them.
  5. At They gave me a "pending charge" on my order that later vanished while I was awaiting on my backorder. Good Job Jim! Also My credit card was charged a day AFTER my shipment arrived at my DOOR which is Pretty awesome. When shopping I will always compare others(Midway, Brownells, Cabelas etc.) with Officerstore before buying. Items I ordered arrived sooner then Jim and Customer Service stated and it took only two days for shipment to arrive at my door. I'm blown away!
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  6. It's Great! Good sound ..:cool::cool:
  7. Jim- new website loks great- What's up with the price increase on glock mags?
  8. It looks like we had them online at that price a long time ago, and somehow in the website transition, it grabbed that old price somehow from our database software. At least that's my layman's interpretation after speaking with our website guys. (I.T. is not my specialty...)

    We just changed it back, thank you for pointing that out!
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  9. Guys Had a Great instant realize the "value" of guns and their "accessories"
  10. Jim,
    Does your website show a live inventory now?
  11. It should, once you add it to your cart it gives you the status right below the item description.

    Apparently it updates against our inventory counts every 15 minutes... so the possibility exists on stuff like mags (that fly off the shelves by the hundreds) that you could place the order for an instock item, but in 14 minutes since the count was updated, someone bought out all of our stock.

    I don't expect it to happen often though, and this is a heck of a lot better than no status at all.

    Hope this helps!
  12. Jim,

    Do you have an eta on glock 22 15 round?

    Thanks John
  13. John, we're expecting to be caught up on back-orders within the next 4 or 5 weeks.

    Unfortunately current Glock production on magazines is now pushed out severely, and we won't be taking any more backorders until we can get caught up.

    My advice to everyone now is to get what they can, wherever they can. We are facing 10 month lead times on magazine orders at this point...
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  14. Jim,
    Do you sell G17 and G19 10 rounders? Thanks
  15. We can order them, but we are focusing on hi-caps for now. We are not warehousing the reduced capacity mags at this time.

    Eventually they will go up on our website as well, but for now we're trying to focus on getting hi-cap mags out the door as quickly as possible.

  16. If anyone in central KY needs glock 19 mags, then go to Classic Arms and Archery in lexington. They had 75-100 in stock at 27.95. Gen 4 ambidextrous style. I picked up 2 today.

    They also had at least 50 magpul pmags in stock for 29.95 each.
  17. Jim,

    Noticed yesterday that my card showed a pending charge then went away. Was that something to do with the website swap? I have some mags on back order.
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