MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Got mine from midway today! 2, 23's and 2, 19's.

  2. Now if you can just find the ammo to load them...
  3. rolltide_pisco

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    I can't help but remember this past December after I had already picked up stepdad's Gen3 G17 seeing all those 33 rounders stocked full at the LGS. Just had a hunch to get one for him and then 5 days later Sandy Hook happened.
  4. cadillacguns

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    Good score my local PoPo only store last summer "had" $10 used mags, now/ Foggeddabouttit!
  5. Looks like just about everything else is "out of stock".
  6. Ordered 1 for my G23 last week
  7. SDR


    Just another nod to Jim and the crew at You guys rock! I got my mags that's fast! Plus no price gouging which is not going unnoticed!
  8. I also received 2 of the Gen. 4 mags from Midway. Very pleased with the shipping and service. That now puts me at 5-13 round mags and 2- 22 round happy sticks. Allows me to run 109 practice rounds before reloading mags!
  9. Ditto, Officer Store is the greatest

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  10. Also remember the LGS that gouge prices. We have a few here in FLL who jacked up prices... Suffice to say I won't go back for anything.
  11. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    Plenty for sale on, but I don't think you will like the current prices.....:wow:
  12. Stopped by a LGS yesterday on my way home. Selling G17 mags for $49.95... twice what we are selling them for.
  13. Jim,

    On my third order with
    all orders have been speedy. Your prices have been fair when others have gouged! I know with myself u have a customer for life!
    Thanks, John
  14. The only Glock mags one LGS has here are G22 mags @ $27ea. The only pistol ammo available in my area is .40, and at not to much above normal prices. Apparently .40 isn't all that popular around here. The G22's were also the last glocks to sell out around here, except for a couple G36's.
  15. placed an order at the beginning of the week with you guys....local guy by me is more for mags than you plus shipping.....figured I would get in line and wait.....


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