MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

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    I talked with SIG a few weeks back and I was told there were several pairs of crickets in the warehouse, as you could hear them making noise.

    I love seeing people armed to the teeth in this day and age.

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    Just checked my front portch and my box from Target Sports USA was there. I received my 2 G19 15 round mags.
  4. Yeah will say it again..... **** them.
  5. I will never buy from them.....but, they sponsor jerry he has to be paid:whistling:
  6. Ordered two 13 round mags from MidwayUSA last week and they arrived today. They are for Gen4 23's but seem to function just fine in my Gen3. Price was $25 each, pretty dang good by today's situation.

    This brings me to 6 mags, plenty for my fun and carry purposes. Glad to have the additional 2, heck, I could probably sell one and pay for them both !!

    Be careful everyone.

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    One of them has A Glock brand plus two mag extension, my total out of pocket Was $50.00 they are All factory Glock 15 round, not aftermarkets. :cool:
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  8. I came across some u shaped preban 19 mags (3) and a u shaped 17 round with a +2 extension (all preban). I don't want to sell them but I'd be willing to trade them for later ones if it would help someone out. Please PM me if interested.

    To stay on topic, it appears that Ivanhoe has been getting regular shipments in and shipping quickly. I recd 4 for the 17 in the mail when I got home today.
  9. I ordered a G23 13rd mag last week from them too, still waiting but it has shipped. Wont be here til Monday dont know why I ordered it last Thursday.
  10. i have 2 to be delivered tmorrw. good price for factory mags. now if those factory happy stick can be found for $40 i'll buy 4 more. the 2 i have need more company.
  11. robbed a guys house of his glock mags, felt bad and left a fifty spot huh.......Yep, that sounds fair to me!!! Great find!!
  12. Ok, I won't ask .:rofl:
  13. It was only this past summer when G 22 LEO mags were 4.95 each,Ah the good ole days. SJ 40
  14. Well yeah........ME TOO, but this is NOT the classifies section. Pm me! Right?
  15. Or don't...I don't really give a ****. All I know is I have 8 more mags this week and you've been able to exhibit your internet cool guy routine!! :yawn: Thought if I could repay my good luck by getting a few more regular capacity mags behind enemy lines (at my own expense) I'd throw it out there.

    BTW...sure there's no salesmanship going on in this thread. :rofl:
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    I received :supergrin: 5 13rnd G23 mags, that I ordered, just as the madness started, from that online supplier not-to-be-named here, but the G19 15 rounders were back-ordered :crying:
  17. very true. apologies for the smartassism.

    NOW ......... about those g17 mags.......
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  18. If anyone comes across 15 round G22 magazines (OEM Glock) let me know.

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