MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

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    Does anyone know who has Korean KCI mags for Glock 19 & 23?
    CDNN is sold out.

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  2. Earlier this week they said "Expected 12/27/2012"
    Now they moved that to "Expected 04/18/2013"

    What's going on here?
    Why would they do this?

  3. Because every mag expected in the first shipment is now spoken for the new date is the shipment after

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  4. The date they get is from a distributor. Now that distributor is dry, because of this mess.
  5. Yes its a mess.. try getting ammo to fill those mags. Here's what my Walmart ammo shelves looks likes. I went in to get some .40 and 9mm so I could take my kids out and shoot but no ammo to be found anywhere local. My local gun shop looks the same as Walmart..:wow: I had to hurry up and order a 1000 rounds of each online before they run out.. Luckily they had what I needed..:supergrin:
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  6. If you need G17 mags, you'd better snap up what's left at $30/each. That's going to seem like a real bargain in hindsight.
  7. Dang sorry your local wal mart stock is so low .I have not seen our local wal mart's stock since Saturday Dec 15th at least your local stores still sell firearms. As I have to drive 30 miles to get to one that does.
  8. Going to be an interesting few months.
  9. You can find Glock mags at various places for the more rare models like the 21. But 17/19/23, etc, forget it.

    I'd rather carry a 10 round OEM Glock mag than a 17 round KCI mag. For range use, ok maybe.
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  10. M 7

    M 7

    Whaaa? :shocked: The last week hasn't been interesting enough for you? :rofl:

    I have had about all the "interesting" that I can take. :faint:
  11. oh no...what if my 3 glock17 mags and my 1 hi-cap mag run out of ammo?

    oh yah, I can reload them.

    phew..crisis averted :)

    Luckily the website I orderd my hi-cap from still has plenty of glock mags...and they are still at the pre-hysteria price
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  12. Reloading supply's are selling out fast too.
  13. Which web site is that? :whistling:
  14. This previous ban on Hi Capacity Mags is where the RESTRICTED LE/GOVT ONLY Magazines came from. Civilians could not buy/own these during the ban. Prices for pre-ban magazines went to around $70 in my area if you could find them (I have a few of these I purchased for my 20). Prices dropped quickly after the ban expired. What concerns me about things this time around, is the talk of outlawing sale/transfer of prohibited items regardless of when they were manufactured.

    I am in pretty good shape overall but will try to pick up a few more mags for my 19 and 23. I purchase these in the last year and had been picking up extra mags when I could find them on sale, should have bought more.
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  15. THANKS for the link

    I just scored five thirteen round G21 mags - what a deal $21.95 each - $5 total shipping is also a good deal.


  16. I would bet it is the that this guy is blowing smoke about.
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    I waited for an hour and a half at kygunco for 2 G17 mags. I ordered some online but was later told they were out of stock, so I had to drive to get them.
  18. You see the reason for the price difference when you take it apart. They are not direct clones. I would not suggest putting the internals inside a real Glock mag. One way to upgrade them is to change the mag spring; $7 KCI mag with a $3 Wolf spring is still $$ less than a Glock mag, but close in function.

    They do work well enough, but the lesser spring wears out faster.

    They usually are not FML, thus not "drop free" mags.


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