MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Thank you, to both of you. I will wait my turn and be happy when it comes. :)

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  2. hey jim

    called your company directly and placed my order for 2 g21 13 rounders and 2 g17 17 rounders. very nice woman on the other end. she did tell me that the 21's were still in stock and obviously the 17's are on back order. can you possibly give me a time frame on their shipping? my order number is 1463512. and please tell the associate who handled my order she was very pleasant to deal with.


  3. i just want to say thank you to jim for answereing all the questions here and giving updates on various things. i believe my mags will arrive in 2 weeks now, but if they arrive anytime in a "normal" time frame, i think officerstore will have me as a customer for life, and i will recommend them to the officers i work with everyday.

    now hopefully my tax return comes in soon so i can order a few more mags.
  4. Should be next week on the 21's (now sold out now), and maybe 2 weeks (shouldn't be more than 4) on the G17's.

    Thank you
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  5. Mr. Jim any eta on 33 rounders got some on back order?
  6. Glock "misplaced" our PO, but they're apparently "going to try and rush it out."

    My bet is about 3 or 4 weeks...
  7. Impressed with My order shipped in a couple of days. Thanks for the updates here :)
  8. Hey Jim, would you check my order status #1462802 please? I was told the G17's were in stock when I ordered, just want to verify. You're doing some great PR work here, kudos to you :thumbsup:
  9. Fair enough and thanks
  10. placed my order on the 31st for 2 G17 mags from officerstore, and today....

  11. just an fyi, my order number was about 150 less than yours, so you may be getting an email soon.
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  12. Jim, anything still in stock at present time?

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  13. The G26+2 and G27+1 mags are still in stock, as are G23 mags. Everything else we are waiting for resupply on.
  14. thanks
  15. FloridaGun

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    Anyone know where I can find Glock 20 mags??

  16. FloridaGun

    FloridaGun -> 10mm

  17. samurairabbi

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    You should reconsider. $35 was a standard gun show exhibitor price for a new factory hicap mag BEFORE the current uproar.
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    is Kesselring a LEO only site? Will the sell or do they normally sell to joe citizen?
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