MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

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    I have a few of them because I can. They are fun. I also have arredondo extensions on a couple mags (I consider those practical even for carry). Fun times.

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  2. That's because you were probably applying pressure to the mag with your pinky while gripping the sub compact.

  3. That makes sense on G26. Since the mag is so long & the magwell is so short you could put excessive pressure on it with your grip & cause a feed problem.
  4. I bought my first 33 rd'er 4 years ago and bought two more 6 months ago. Novelty maybe but fun and cool all the same. Also bought Glock factory mags and never a glitch. I like them..!
  5. has anyone noticed that botaks site is down?????
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    I ordered 9 from sportsman's guide, they are back ordered til mid Jan. To my door for $152.00. I hope they stick with the price.

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  7. I know they've been out for years now. Are they as good as Glock yet? I remember years ago they were given the right to make a 1:1 clone of it from Glock.

    Are they as reliable as Glock mags? Do they take all the same parts, plate, spring, follower?
  8. I had a KCI G19 mag that ran 100% however I'm hearing that the G17 mags are crap. For range use they're ok if they work but I stick to factory mags for carry.

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  9. If they take the same parts could you order replacement butt plates, springs, and followers from glock and put them inside them?

    Are KCI mags the same as CDNN's "Asian Military Mags"?
  10. Is it worth buying a Korean one and then putting all glock parts in it? Seems like you aren't saving anything by doing that.
  11. The mags are available and during the last ban we could keep the mags and repair them still :cool:
  12. Yes they take the same parts .
    The main problem with them is moulding flash and poor quality springs.
    When one replaces the springs with either Glock or better yet Wolff they tend to function well but then they are not quite a bargain. SJ 40
  13. I'm not sure if they are the same

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  14. TSAX


    This is an often asked question and it usually has mixed reviews. This is a very hit or miss product. I have a few for range and practicing reloads. I would not trust it enough for reliability for every day carry, but if SHTF they do come in handle as extra loaded mags. I have not yet had issue with mine (knock on wood) but I know others that have.

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  15. Mags are just inexpensive parts. Would rather spend the extra few $$ on guaranteed OEM reliability and be done with it.
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  16. Back during the last -OMG the sky is falling - mag shortage - I saw some "G19" KCI mags at a gun show -

    They were 3/$10 (tax included) - G19 mags at the same show were $29.99 + tax = ~$32.50 each.

    So I figured WTH - and grabbed 3 -

    I used them at the range - I use them when I do mag change drills and am letting the empty mag drop to the ground.

    They function 100% in my G19 -- but have only shot FMJ ammo through them.

    I don't care if they hit the bare concrete floor at the range - I don't care if they break - so far they seem to be holding up well and are saving some abuse on my OEM Glock mags.

    I wish now I would have bought more of them.

    I was looking for some KCI mags for my G21 - but want the 13 round mags - so far I have not seen any - but if I do - and if they are cheap I will give them a try.

    Even if they have failures I would claim it as a win - good to have mag failures while at the range - it is good practice.

    I would not use them for SD - unless no other mags were available.
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  17. Bruce M

    I avoid them.
  18. it worked fine for me about 2hrs ago i just bought there last g19 15rd mag they had.... :whistling:
  19. My understanding is only the Glock 19 mags made by KCI are worth a damn, the others are hit or miss quality. The G19 mags are made using a copyright I believe that was purchased as a result of the S. Korean Presidential guard and some of the national police transitioning to the glock 19. I have a dozen or so of them from when they first hit the market. In all honesty they feel a little sturdier built than glock mags but not quite so cleanly manufactured. Glock mags have the detailed attenioned, KCI mags have razor sharp feed lips that you may have to be careful with. The parts are all interchangeable. Not bad if you can still find them for the right price.
  20. Everything always looks like its in stock there. It's after you place your order when you get the back order notice. Lol


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