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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

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  2. the .40 cal mags are 15rd mags, those numbers that are listed are the 'G' numbers.
    IE: G22
    it also states they'll fit the .357 cal & if you order the .40 there probably gonna send you mags marked .357

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    Glock Magazine 40 S&W Model 22, 22rd

    Looks like 40 S&W and 22 rounds to me.

    *only 14 left now of these after I bought 2
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  4. yep sure does when i clicked on it never showed those mags, it only listed the 9mm & the .40/.357 (15rd)
    $40 is'nt a bad price for them either.
  5. 12 after I bought a couple, didn't wanna be all greedy and sell them on gunbroker for 150 a pop. I didn't think I'd get a chance to buy the .40 cal funsticks at a reasonable price. Thank you!

  6. You did good, I paid almost $50 each for mine shortly after they came out.
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    Just bought 2 G19 mags, thanks for the link!:wavey:
  8. just placed an order for the last 8 pcs they had.

  9. Thanks for the link. Now there's only 4 left. :supergrin:
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  10. All gone now. Crazy times.:dunno:
  11. I just ordered a Glock 22-round 40 S&W mag from ****** Tactical for $40 and they still have one in stock. They also have the #SP07151 plus 2 extensions and #SPO7165 inserts. Wasn't somebody looking for those?

    It looks like they just got in some 33-rounders too and are already sold out. $40. A little less that CTD prices!
  12. Are you sure you order from B-Tactical? There still out of stock on all of there highcap Glock mags. They only have 10 round mags in stock. I called them today to check on there stock. They told me it will be a while before they get anymore in stock. You can't go by there listing where it says they have 1 in stock it's said that for two weeks now. :dunno:
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  13. Yep, I received a receipt email from them. I see that the last one is gone now though. It appears that you might be able to order a 33-rounder now too, but when you click on "Check Availibility" it says "Sold Out" so they must've had those in stock for a short time.
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  15. Lets us know if you get a tracking number.
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  16. I copied the receipt & sent it to you.
  17. Ummm....yea...they want $84 for a G34 magazine tube? Not in this lifetime. (out of stock, anyway, but just sayin'!)


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