MERGED Buyer Intel for Glock Magazines

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hbk80rice, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Who is selling the cheapest place to get 15rd factory 9mm mags?

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  3. Glockdude1

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    Not gonna happen right now.


  4. E-2-E

    E-2-E Long Trail

    Ha Ha Ha
  5. If I could find them anywhere priced under $25 I would just get them and lots of them.
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  7. Wolfgang

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  8. E-2-E

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  9. Laugh all you want, but I have 4 each of the KCI G17 and G19 mags. I use them at the range so that I save wear and tear on my OEM mags. They have functioned 100% for the last 1.5 years and I have hardly touched my OEM ones. To me that is a winner.
  10. ChuteTheMall

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    $25 is not too much to pay for good 15 round mags.

    Get them while you can.
  11. is where I get mine usually. $20. The problem is catching them with stock.

    Prices really aren't going up, it's availability that is the problem.
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  12. You looking for G19 15 rd? Botatch Tactical is my first check for mags - generally $22 ea + free shipping. Looks like they are in stock (usually are ) http://www.******
    Yeah - something about that sight and this forum but you get the idea - right?
    If you are okay with used (LEO turn ins)
    check with Mark at Summit Gun Brokers. G22 are usually $12 with others at $15. Stock varies but the business is lively!
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  14. G-34

    just ordered one in light of coming AWB... i REGRET getting rid of the first one ....

    even if and AWB does NOT pass i will NEVER sell this mag, will never make that mistake again, just glad i found one in stock.

    who else did the same in light of what happend and in light of possible assault weapons ban?
  15. Just one,there is no such a thing as too many Magazines of any capacity. SJ 40
  16. RPVG

    I just bought a coupla more mags, but it wasn't because of the AWB. It was just to make things easier when I go to the range.
  17. G-34


    im with you 100% sir/ma'am, i could only afford one but i wish i could have afforded the 100 round drum beta mag for my glock!

    that would be sweeeeet!:supergrin:
  18. RWBlue

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    I have 2 of these 33rd Glock mags. IMHO, they were not that practical and not really that useful. Why the love for them (besides knowing that you may not be able to purchase more)?

    If you have a SBR Glock or a Full auto glock that is a different story.
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  19. G-34


    home defense .. it would not be for carry, and they are super fun at the range! and why not? as of right now its still my right to own one or as many as i can afford:supergrin::wavey:
  20. I was planning on buying one...what happened in CT just pushed me to do it sooner.

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