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  1. Now I need some opinions.

    So I did a little research, and Meprolight got more votes than the other brands. Just got the Tru Dots from Amazon, along with a front sight retaining screw wrench. Want to put them on the G19 Gen4.

    No issues with the directions for the front sight install, except I never heard of Loctite 609. Used the blue and the red lots, but never heard of 609. Is it even available locally I wonder.

    So the directions say to sand or stone or file the rear sight down to the point where it can be pushed in with finger pressure, and then glue it with this Loctite 609. Man, do I ever hate that idea! Point of impact can move for lots of reasons. Wear on certain parts, decide to use different ammo, etc. Loctite will soften with heat, but if I put a heat gun on it I'll probably damage something in the sights. Or will I?

    So I watch a couple of Youtube videos. One guy does it by the book, after sighting in the pistol and carefully marking the center points of both sights and where they align on the slide. Another guy taps the Mep rear sight in with a plastic mallet. Another guy uses a sight installing tool. One guy used blue Loctite, another used red. I have both on hand.

    Anyone here put these sights on themselves? What do you think? I think I'd rather keep the Glock sights on there than glue the Meps in so they can never be moved. Glock sights don't glow in the dark, but they are easy to drift.

    Maybe as a compromise fit them a little tight and use blue Loctite?

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  2. This is what I was able to find for information on 609,
    I have done many sight installs on Glocks and many other handguns.I use Blue loctite on rear sights many recommend Red,it's a choice you have to make.
    Having experience with Red in the automotive field that's how I made my choice to use Blue,I have never had a sight come loose with it. SJ 40

  3. This maybe of some help with sight installs and even Dave Dawson suggests red but I'm sticking to blue myself.

    [ame=""]Installing Glock Sights with Dave Dawson - YouTube[/ame]

    BTW that 609 my bet is one would never find that at the local Home Depot or Lowes.
    SJ 40
  4. I personally use blue on the front sight. The last set of meps were tight enough I just tapped em in that was it, they never moved.
    I don't use red for much, blue holds pretty good, and you won't need heat to break it free
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  5. No way would I file them to be finger pushable and then rely on loctite. I've used the Dawson method 4 times (sans loctite) and it works like a charm. My only advice is to follow Dave's and go slow with the file, you can always take more off, you can't put it back on. I have a Sevingy rear that I took too much off and ended up throwing it away. Expensive lesson.
  6. Ive done a couple of sets of Mepros on my Glocks. I only used the Loc Tite (blue) on the front sight. The rear sights only required a couple of swipes across a sheet of emery, and went right on with no effort or problem with a sight tool.

    I dont see the point of putting Loc Tite on the rear sight if you might need to adjust it. Ive put a lot of sights on SIG's and Glocks, and always used the same method for the rear sight as above. Never had any issue with them moving.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll give it some more thought. The video is awesome! Much better than the ones I found. One thing for sure: I don't want Loctite on the rear sight. If I have to buy a sight tool I will, though I'd rather not.
  8. All the rear sights I have installed were accomplished with a Delrin drift punch I got at Brownells some years ago,using Dave Dawson s methods. SJ 40
  9. Black&TAN

    Black&TAN Senior Member

    I use the blue also. No problems, and easier to remove than the red when needed. Just enough stick to do the trick :supergrin:

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  10. Yes, I think something like that is what I will end up doing. I am a little nervous about damaging those radioactive dots. Mr. Dawson didn't have that to contend with in his demonstration.
  11. Don't be nervous. You're only filing the dovetail. I put a set of Trijicons on my G27 using Dave's method with perfect results. Although I had to use a Dremel to do the grinding as they were too hard for my files.
  12. This is the drift punch I used.

    Three to a package for about five bucks,while they list it as front sight drift punch they work exceedingly well for rear sights. SJ 40
  13. DHG

    You are welcome.
    Brownells has damned near every thing and have a great hard copy catalog but frankly their search engine Sucks. If they had a more user friendly engine just think how their sales could increase.
    If its too hard for someone or they have a hard time finding what they are looking for they tend to move on, Lost sales. Maybe one day they will figure it out. SJ 40
  14. If you have a sight pusher - I like maryland gun works - you probably will not need to file rear sight and it will probably be tight enough you don't need loctite in rear sight.

    I use auto parts store red loctite on front sight, after cleaning with non chlorinated brake cleaner(threads only not tititium). Holds fine and I have removed about 3-4 without use of heat.

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