Meprolight AK Night Sights.

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by mack0311, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Just picked these up yesterday. Install was pretty easy. Only tough part is rigging a way to get the rear sight off. Seems everyone has their own method for this. Vice grips, screw driver head and a rag worked for me. Seems like a great upgrade to the original sights that doesn't look overtly aftermarket(unless you're looking down the sights.)
    Blurry front sight:
    Blurry rear sight:
    Rear sight overview:

    My only concern is about the tightness of the front sight. It seems to have barely enough friction to stay in place, and i'm almost certain it will move around while i'm shooting. After I moved the windage post over to the left, this clamped the front sight post in place and it feels much more secure now. I'll have to update on whether this works. Considering using red locktite if it doesn't work. Anyone else had this problem?

    Overall happy with the purchase.... for now.

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  3. HWI


    I have the Mepros on my SGL21, no issues with the front post moving. The only thing I don't like about them is that you have to turn the front post a full revolution when doing elevation adjustments to keep the tritium facing you.

    If you are going to use locktite I would probably recommend blue. Using red sucks if you ever have to go back and manipulate it for any reason.

  4. I have them on three AK's (two just the front). They work OK, but I wish the vial on the rear sight were about half the size. They tend to over power the front as they are. I have a set of Mepros on my 1100, and the vials on the rear sight are smaller and a perfect size. Those vials would be perfect for the AK's.

    I ended up putting the factory rear sights back on two of my rifles, and it is really the way to go. With a proper cheek weld, the sights line right up, and the dot is easily seen.

    The biggest downside to them is the size (width) of the front sight. Its big, and really reduces the effective range down to about 200 yards. Its not as bad as the one that came on my SOCOM, but it is noticeable when shooting at longer distances. Up close, its fine.
  5. fnfalman

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    Too bad Meprolight just didn't make the rear sight a peep sight.
  6. Dalton Wayne

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    I may have to pick up a set of those
  7. Double post
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  8. For me, Im glad they didnt. Forward mounted peep sights dont work like a true peep, and are just a distraction. Lighting them wouldnt make them any better.

    Their AK rear works fine as a rear sight, they just need to reduce the size of the vials if you want them lit.
  9. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    My replaced my AK's U-notch rear sight with one that has a peep sight (more like a ghost ring). It works a lot better than a U-notch when it comes to sight alignment and sight picture. Much faster sight alignment and more accurate.
  10. Thats a matter of opinion I suppose.

    I tried the Mojo's when they first came out on a couple of guns, and quickly found them lacking for any kind of realistic use. The peep being so far from the eye, still requires you to align the sights, something your eye does naturally with a true peep, and with it forward, there is really no reference for zero, like you get with the leaf using a traditional sight picture. Low light, and bright light from behind, like the sun over your shoulder, just aggravates the problems more (low light from behind is also an issue with a traditional peep). I had the same problems with peeps on a pistol, and for the same reasons.

    I find the AK's issue sights to work very well, and are actually quicker to use, even over a "real" peep, especially up close. Even at longer distances, they are more than adequate for reasonably precise shooting. In that respect, the Mepros actually reduce the guns effective range, due to the front sight being so wide. The Springfield SOCOM's also have that issue, but even more so, as their front sights are even wider.
  11. So I hate to admit it, but the nay-sayers were right. These things are great for upclose stuff, but at distance, they're pretty bad. It's like trying to take a handgun w/ 3 dots out to 100 meters, It can be done, but it's not easy. Took them out to 100 and and keeping the group in an 8 1/2x 11 piece of paper was a task. Threw the old sights back on and chalked this up to a learning experience.

    New project is finding a wood stock for a milled Bulgarian receiver! found a cheap used Bulgarian set, so we'll see if it has any potential to be refinished. Only company that had any options was Ironwood designs, and i'm not about to go through the hassle of mailing in my order(the website is only for show, no ordering capabilities) just yet. If anyone else is aware of a wood option for a Bulgarian 2-tang milled receiver let me know.

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