Meet & Greet @ A&A in Garrettsville, OH

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by Kentguy, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Greetings,

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to John and his lovely wife for all their hard work and effort which they and others put forth in putting together a great meet & greet for all of us. I can’t tell you how impressed my son and I were with all the little extras; give away stuff, food, drawing prizes, unlimited shooting time, and the list goes on…! I was glad to finally meet some of you face to face and put and actual face with those screen names.

    Once again,Thanks to everyone who helped make this a 1st class event. I hope this is only this first of many to come… I had a “BLAST” (pun intended).

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  3. I second a big thank you to John and everyone involved with this function. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet people on the forum I never met.

    Congrats Ronin .45. Trust me. I knew.

  4. Seriously!!! :music: OMG did that rock!

    I had to leave early :embarassed: 'cause of the honey-do list, but the morning was awesome. I had a wonderful time just hanging out and shooting the breeze with everyone, putting faces to names and shaking hands. Especially those from far away, like evilspringer and his great family. What an awesome event.

    Thank you so much to John and Jackie, as well as the rest of his family/friends crew who put together this amazing party. :bowdown:

    It was my first Meet & Greet of "The Gun World," wow, what a way to get my cherry popped. :rofl:

    I still can't believe I won both a door-prize drawing as well as the "random-stuffer" Darkstar Carry Package. :wow: :faint:

    Seriously, John, THANK YOU!!!


    ETA: My pants stayed on the whole time!!!!
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  5. Yes, a big thanks to John and Jackie for putting together and running a great event. I didn't get to meet everyone, but enjoyed talking with those I did. Oh, and a big shout out to Ryan for correcting the issues with my 36. Chuck, thanks for the use of your .22A. I'll be picking one up in the near future. I think it liked me. ;)

    OK, gotta go. I'm picking out options for my new holster from Simply Rugged.:supergrin:
  6. After making the long drive home, I too would like th thank John and his wife for making ita great day. It was good meeting you guys. I really enjoyed it!
  7. Come on people lets not forget about their parents. They not only let me have seconds but encouraged it. :).
  8. You're all welcome and i want to thank you guys, i hope everybody had fun.


    We really enjoyed meeting everyone and finally putting faces and REAL names to you all! We have a great group of people here!
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  9. I told you I was tall blonde and ugly :tongueout:
  10. We had a great day. Thank you John to you and your family!! And a big thanks for the XS sights certificate!!!
  11. was truly a great day today.

    again, "thanks" hardly seems like enough to say to john, jackie, their parents and friends that helped, and to A&A for their hospitality.

    it was great to meet all of you, and looking forward to seeing you again.
  12. alotta work went into what you guy's did...i'm glad i went....thank you for a great you can see, i'm not much of a talker in person....that is until i get to know ya...just ask c140flr....he'll say i never shut up:cool:
  13. Tall and blonde with a great personality!

    I too had a great time. A rather "unique" range to say the least. I'm glad the weather cooperated.

    Thanks to all the sponsors who stepped up and made it worth the trip.

    Thanks again to the jco69 family for all their hard work, which made the event a success.
  14. My wife & I shoot frequently at A&A, we like the informality, but would have to agree that it is "unique". I want to echo the sentiments of the posters above, a BIG thanks to John and family for all of the work and organization that went into this. I think everyone had a great time. When's the next meet????

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  15. Just like Christmas, it came and went too fast! Guess that means that John is Santa :supergrin:

  16. HO HO HO! Santa and his elves may be working on round 2 sometime this summer :) I'll be checking my list so......
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  17. ^ Yeah, I just wasn't quite prepared for exactly how tall!!!!! :wow:
  18. I was watching him shoot the outdoor match. His gun hangs out way over the heads of everyone on the line. Pretty weird.
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  19. Not the best angle but you definitely can tell which one is Bug

  20. So what you guys Are saying is there is no way I could use that 4x4 for Concealment?? :embarassed:
  21. I Put up a thread for training in may if anyone wants to go.
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