MechTech CCU 10mm: How's it look to ya?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by ModGlock17, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Bummer!
    I noticed a big increase going from a 5.2" to a 6.6"+comp barrel.

    Im super excited to try AA#9 in the CCU, if I can ever find it again! :crying:

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  2. I'm starting to find some time to play now.

    Rather than investing in a pound of powder I may not use again (did have some BlueDot but didn't like it due to flash and unburnt flakes) if you have a powder in that speed range, may be you can spare about a soup spoonful in a plastic sandwich bag... Then I can collect the data and post it here. I've quite a few PowerBond 180gr I can use.

    MechTech should probably do this.

  3. Shot the ccu again tonight. 75 rounds. Flawless. My new cut extractor works way better than stock. I will have to take pics for u guys. It's buttery smooth feeding. Even slowly feeding it there is no snags. I really wonder if the extractor is the cause of a lot of the jerkiness of the action feeding. I even did a full mag dump as fast as I could. Never a hiccup. Also shot about 25 cast again. The cast shoots tighter than the jacketed again. Love the way cast shoots. Clean also. These were 9.7 gr 800x with the 200 gr shallow hp. Forgot the chrono. But I have the feeling these are at 1800 out of the ccu. Or better.

    Also no marks on the brass. Clean ejection.
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  4. I think I put this data up here at 10Ring but I don't find it so maybe some other site. It won't likely help too much since I have no group size comparisons, but it does show that muzzle velocity was least influenced by barrel length when running 800X, although there's only one other powder here to compare to.

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  5. I think every piece of the puzzle helps. Thx.

    This one seems to show the slower HS-6 gives the better improvement in the CCU vs G29 (stock barrel?).
  6. That spread seems off to me. The speed with the 185 with the 8.6 gr 800x is way faster with the glock29 than I hit with even more powder. The ccu speed sounds close to right. But the 29 way fast.

    I will try to hit the range today with the chrono to get some speeds again.
  7. Extended length barrel on the G29--the 4.09" I think it is--about 1" longer than stock in any case.

    It is possible, I suppose, that at these very short barrel lengths, a 1" increase in length makes a far bigger difference than it would between say a 12" and a 13" barrel. I dunno.

    It was explained to me that because 800X is relatively faster than HS-6, barrel length has less impact with the faster powder relative to the slower one. I personally find that explanation both intuitive, and suspect. But, I felt the comment was coming from someone who knows quite a helluva more than I do, and the data supported it. I apologize again: I'll make a more serious effort to find out where I posted the original...could've sworn it was here somewhere.

    I expect the short-barrel data is correct because it was very consistent--no blast effect indications and I did in fact place the chrono well outside of 10 ft--closer to 18 actually. Each charge was hand trickled and I'm confident I didn't mis-label really is 8.6gr, although that's the more likely source of any error.

    Next time I'm out I'll do a stock vs extended test on the 29--I'm interested to see just what 1" of barrel length does do with various loads. I doubt it explains "way off" though.
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  8. I tested some loads today. In the 29, 20 ls , and the ccu.

    155 xtp 11g 800x.

    20- 1540
    Ccu- 1850.
    The 155 really gets moving in the long barrel.

    9.7 gr 800x 200 gr shallow hp.

    29, 1230
    20- 1380
    Ccu- 1610

    Now this was odd to me cause that is a really low speed to what I was getting in cooler weather. But it will kinda make sense in a sec

    194 gr deep hp. 8.7 800 x

    29- 1260
    20- 1450
    Ccu -1690

    Seems there is a hard break in performance from the 194 to 200 gr. I think 190 is the perfect 10mm weight. After 190 it starts dropping hard.
    Adding more powder seemed not to make up for the difference. Starting to the long barrel 200 gr can only go so far with 800x.

    Also I do not know to what effect the temp had on my loads. It's 40 deg warmer than when I first shot the one loads. And the speeds are slower. I still wonder about 2400 in the ccu. I just don't have any. And aa9 is no where to be found.
  9. Also the drop could also be from it being a blow back and the 200 gr with a hot charge gets the bolt moving early. Not sure yet. Kinda want to block it into place and see what speed I get once.
  10. I want that for my 20..!
  11. So, at nearly 2 full gr over published max, you're not seeing much in the way of case damage or primer blowout at all?
  12. I am only 1 gr over hornady max for and xtp. These are hard cast. So I am probably only a few tenths over a book max for the hardcast. If there was a book load for it.

    I am seeing zero issues. Even in brass that has been loaded and shot 4 to 6 times. Headstamps look good. Primers are not an issue. Very minor flattening. No more than I see on the 9.2 longshot with 180 load. No smiles. Clean out of the ccu and longslide.

    My lot of powder must be lower pressure than some of what u guys have.
  13. What manual are you using for that XTP load reference?
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  14. Hornady.
  15. So had an incident today with the ccu. Had a mis feed. I pulled the charging handle back hard to clear it and cycle a new round. And it went bang. It fired the round while almost all if it was out of the chamber. Gun is fine. Case blew out the side. Banged my hand up a little. But no real damages. Seems that a firing pin safety would have prevented this. Might need to talk to mechtech about this.
  16. I'm thinking that it's not supposed to do that.
  17. Lol. I was thinking that also. Scared the crap out of me.
  18. I'm thinking that if the charging handle is not fully forward, the pin gets no cocking to snap forward. Glock design would require a trigger pull to push the firing pin back before it could snap forward. So I don't know how the firing pin can get enough forward energy to strike at the primer. .???

    If the firing pin is stuck forward (dirty or whatever), then the case wouldn't slip into the extractor. I am curious if the case is disintegrated or whether you can see if there's evidence of a firing pin strike on the primer ??? Unless your finger was squeezing the trigger while racking the handle, then misalignment and slack may contribute...
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  19. No trigger pull. Hand was clear of that. Yes the primer was struck. Not as hard as normal. But hit enough to set it off. My thought is that it was forward enough to catch it and when I racked hard it might have been enough movement to release it. I am not sure. Gun shoots fine yet though.
  20. The way the frame mounts could have enough flex that when I pulled hard against it racking it. To drop down enough to lose the end of the firing pin.

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