MechTech CCU 10mm: How's it look to ya?

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  1. My first impression of the MechTech CCU.

    The barrel and bolt assemblies are the heaviest components. They are held together by the recoil spring in the expansion manner rather than the typical compressive manner found onmost guns and rifles recoil design. Both units still had heavy machining lines when I received mine. They go inside the welded steel tube which isthe CCU upper. Slots on the steel tube are for spent case ejection on the right, and charging/bolt handle on the left. When pulling back with the bolt, you can press into the CCU upper to lock. Firingpin assembly and the extractor is housed inside the bolt secured by three large pins.


    Movement between the barrel and bolt has slack in it, from side to side. I’d expect it to be reliable with respect to dirt and sand.


    The whole CCU feels heavy definitely of substance. Mine has a mini-Quad rail in the front ($35), an M-4 collapsible stock($90), and a Tru-Glow Red Dot. They weigh in at 3.2lbs, front heavy. Compared to the aluminum and plastic Kel-Tec Sub 2000, the MechTech is definitely of higher quality. There’s a lot of steel,may be 3 lbs, in the barrel assembly and the bolt assembly. They will help dissipating heat from rapid firing.


    The fore hand guard is made of very thick and solid plastic. You can certainly drill holes to attach whatever else you want, like bottom rail for a fore grip. This hand guard is attached to the CCU withfour hex screws on each side. They also hold and align the barrel inside the CCU.

    MechTech says that you would only need to spray down to clean rather than disassemble everything. Prior to firing the firstround, however, I disassembled everything but the bolt and polished all sliding surfaces to remove machining lines, then treated them with Frog Lube. Everything glide easily and softly after that, without firing a round. As delivered, it is not a refined product. But if you like putting personal touches on your toys, you can definitely refine it. You will need acouple of hex wrenches to take down, a 5/32” for the bolt handle and a 9/64”(kind of odd). Be careful of the heavy recoil spring; it has serious potential energy being stretched out. Wear eye protection.

    Top of the CCU is a long rail, good enough for Red-dot. I don’t think you need a scope, but you can mount one. The CCU is a 25-75yrd instrument. I’d expect to hear stories of people pushing it to more than 100yrds but I’d use a different toy for thatkind of distance. Behind the rail is a small hole that exposes the recoil spring if you lock the bolt back. It’s a good place to drop some lube for the bolt to carry forward.

    My G20 frame goes into the slots designed for the four steel tabs, pushing it forward into a soft plastic barrier to snap in. Push it in again, while pulling the Slide Release tabs in the frame, which will release the G20 frame. There’s a GlockBlock, a ramp to aid chambering new rounds. It goes on top of the G20 block, has a tiny magnet to stay attached to the block.

    I attached the G20 frame and the mags, 15-round mag and the 30-round (capacity depends on who you ask) to dry cycle. They seem to load very well. Waiting for hot range time!


    Note: If your G20 is already tuned to minimize over travel with a Ghost Tactical connector, one with a stop-tab, then you may need to go back to a connector without such tab. The exact point your G20 releases the firing pin in a Glock Slide is likely different from that of aCCU, not by much. Mine would not release the firing pin, and since I don’t want to re-modify the stop tab on my Ghost connector, I just switched to a simple Ghost 3.5lbs connector.


    The bottom line is, I like this MechTech CCU already (without firing a round at this point). I say that from the standpoint of a Tinkerer who’d take down everything to make them function better. While I don’t have any skin in their business other than being happy to see them serve 10mm technology, I think they do a good job producing seemingly a good product, not refined butgood product at a good price. I spoke to them some, following up production progress. These folks are good people as far as I can tell.


    Now,on to firing live rounds.

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  3. I'm looking forward to the range report. I've wanted one of these for awhile and you may just push me over the edge.:supergrin: I had a Kel-Tec and it seemed more like a toy unlike the MechTech.

  4. That case support kinda sucks. I was hoping for better. Mine comes any day now. With only that support I don't know if I will keep it. I am a reloader. If my brass gets worked too hard the gun is useless to me.

    I guess I could weld it up and re-cut for more support.
  5. dm1906

    dm1906 Retired SO

    It's straight blow-back action. More case support isn't going to change anything.
  6. Sure it will. For every thousandth more support that is another thousandth that supports the case while the bullet is in the barrel.
  7. Here's a comparison pic for ya. KKM barrel is at bottom.

    CCU's still covering the base of case where brass is thick.

    Here's two cases both loaded with the same bullet, powder, and parameters (180gr Hornady FMJ, 9.3gr LongShot, CCI300, 1.250"). I inspected all the cases (14) fired with CCU and did not see any abnormal expansion compared to KKM fired cases. CCU fired case is on the right with round dimple and primer quite a bit more flattened than KKM fired case. Remember, same ammo parameters.

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  8. Got some update.

    First, the MagPul Angled Fore Grip. I recommend it.

    Here's how the whole thing.

    And here's the first target report.
    I had to spend the first few rounds zero'in the 5MOA Red Dot. The target was at 25 yrds, so the RedDot would cover 1.25" over the target. Distance between the two red arcs is about 1". One inch is about 4MOAs.

    I had only 30min before going to work so I didn't spend much time getting a comfortable setting to shoot. The gun rested on X bar and I controlled the stock end. Things were not at comfortable heights. I had to stretched and shoot. Drew a small crowd of retirees.

    Two rangers were discussing with each others about where I can shoot, in the handgun section or rifle stall. One said 16" barrel and a stock belong to rifle section. The other said you can't lump 9gr of powder cartridges with 50gr of powder. They will have to clarify the rules.

    I think it is conservative to say that I can get half-inch groups at 25 yrds if I would take the time to set up. That amounts to 2" groups at 100yrds or 2MOAs.

  9. Thanks for the pics. Your kkm has a lot less support than any I have seen. My lone wolf and storm lake ride way higher. Also the mouth hogged out in the ccu seems extensive. But as long as it does not work the brass too hard all will be good with me. Mine gets delivered Monday.
  10. Are you sure you're not seeing the reflection? I polished my KKM's ramp to a mirror shine. Look again. The brass is reflected on the ramp. It's not a good close up picture, cheap cam.

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  11. Storm Lake and the old style LWD barrels do have more support in the feed ramp area than KKM's

    keep in mind that the CCU has a much longer barrel and therefore you wont need to push you loads as hard to get really good velocity. Ill bet slower powders like AA#9 and Blue dot will really shine in that longer barrel while still keeping pressure fairly low.
  12. Got my mechtech ccu today. Love the feel. The chamber support is poor at best. My stock glock barrel has way more support. Going to shoot it tomorrow and see how the brass looks. If it smiles I will be sending it back. Ask them to find a barrel with more support or refund me.
  13. I think your main problem will be spending too much money for ammo! This CCU thing just eats up ammo too easily, ie. you'll have "too much" fun.

    I'm trying to set up a hog hunting day in May.
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  14. I reload and cast. Cost is 5.3 cents a round. As long as the brass is not trashed after firing. That is my concern with it. I have a few thousand rounds loaded and enough extra stuff for 15,000 more. Lol. I should be good on ammo.

    Wish I had hogs to hunt. All I get is yotes year round.
  15. Fits nicely in a $25 case. Angled fore-grips (magpul) are available at, so are the rails that fit it.

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  16. It's a little off topic, but I was wondering if the 10mm mech tech will shoot 40sw Reliably?
  17. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    MG17, Great report. This is an interesting concept. Looks like a bunch of fun.

    It is on my wish list for sure, but a few things are in front of it.
  18. Shot mine today. Tried med hot loads with no smile. Maybe tomorrow it the next I will shoot some full power stuff. I need to bring the chronograph with next time to check speeds. I think its not pushing bullets all that much faster than my long slide. Mechtech says the chamber design lowers pressure by 25% I think it may be more than that. Will see. Shot it out to 100 yards. Would hold a sub 1 inch group. Really accurate. That was with a 4 power scope. I wonder what it will do with something more powerful. Need to get it out at 200 and see what it does. I only shot jacketed today. My cast I shoot in my long slide will not chamber in the ccu. Loaded some tonight sized smaller and they fit in the ccu now. I would slug the throat but I would have to disassemble the ccu. With the quad rail its too much work to do just to slug it.

    So far I am happy with it. As soon as I get it to shoot cast great I will love it.

    Of the brass catcher that attaches to the frame of the glock works great on the ccu. The one the guy on here made.
  19. Did you get flattened primers ?? I haven't seen a case without flattened primer.

    Probably had 200 rounds so far. Superbly smooth! Not a single mechanical problem. All FMJs and HPs went fine. I am reluctant to shoot hardcast because I'm not looking forward to de-lead an 18 inch barrel, having cleaning rod access only on the muzzle end.

    All mags, especially the modified .45 hi cap ones, functioned flawlessly. Having 29-30 rounds in a mag is a lot... And a lot of fun. Once the Red dot is sighted in, it'd be perfect to roam the woods with it on a single point sling. Oh yes, the hogs are out there...

    Using .40 is probably fine, if I have to. They should already have one for Glock 22. I would guess they're identical to 10mm except for the chamber depth.
  20. No. My primers were looking fine. No pressure signs. My long slide will flatten them on some loads.

    Getting the lead out is not to bad. The way the back side of the barrel is just put a block in it so the lead does.not get into the action. Use a rod guide at the muzzle. I want to shoot it today with cast but I don't think I will be able to. Maybe tomorrow. I loaded up 50 cast to start with. See how it goes from there. Sizes to .4015. At .402 it was snug. My long slide is sized to .4025 and that was a no go.

    Getting it shooting cast is my number one goal.
  21. Figure I should post a pic of mine.

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