McDonald's murderer Muise given full parole

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  1. ...During Darren Richard Muise's trial in 1993, court heard he was armed with two knives when he entered the fast-food outlet with Freeman MacNeil and Derek Wood on the night of May 7, 1992. Four restaurant employees were shot in the head during the robbery. Court heard Neil Burroughs, 29, had been shot twice, stabbed and beaten with a shovel, but the married father of one was still alive when Muise cut his throat...
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  3. JimP

    Muise better hope that there's no surviving relatives of his victims...

  4. The court discovered someone had insulted him earlier that day and in light of this new and powerful evidence they ruled his actions justifiable.
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  5. Bren

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    Why? Unless people in Nova Scotia are lot different than the ones here, they won't do anything about it but cry and whine. Not many people left who consider it a matter of honor to get revenge for something like that.

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