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Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by fordstev, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I just purchased a MB500 with the 8+1 tube. $299 @ BullsEye.:cool: Which gun light gives the most bang for the buck?
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  3. MrMurphy

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    Surefire is the gold standard for shotgun lights. Period.

    Their replacement fore-ends define the category. There are more ways to go about it, sometimes for less, but if it's for serious use, that is where I'd start looking.

    MagPul's replacement fore-ends, when they start shipping, with a Fury in a LaRue LT707 mount would be my personal "other option" in performance/price. Many cheaper options, but most won't survive shotgun use.

  4. Agreed with Mr Murphy, although for just a flashlight clamp on attachment, I'd personally forego a $125 mount such as the Larue... For an optic, sure, for a light...hmm, not so sure..

    Such a mount will be ten times as strong as both the forend and the light...there are a few good Type 3 hard anodized mounts out there for $30.
  5. MrMurphy

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    Having unintentionally rammed a Surefire 6P in a LT606 mount attached to a RAS on my M4 into a doorframe during an entry with all bits surviving....

    I have my reasons for my recommendations. The magtube mounts will work fine for most people, but I've always been afraid something similar (ramming a doorjamb) would turn the gun into a single shot if the magtube got tweaked from it.
  6. UTG Tri-rail + Surefire G2 LED. Done. Loctite if you are worried.

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