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Maybe I'm just bad at math....anybody think this is good?

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by flitcrma, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. flitcrma

    flitcrma College!!!

    Sep 26, 2007
    Cincinnati, OH
    At the University of Cincinnati, there are 81,359 people. This counts faculty, staff, students, undergrads, and postgrads. There are 2 branch campuses, and 1 college that's about 1.5 miles from main campus.

    There are less than 10 campus police officers according to a police officer during last winter quarter (6 according to him). He also admitted that they can't tell who belongs, who doesn't belong, and that it's up to the students to be responsible for their own safety.

    Assuming that .8% of UC's "population" carries (just like Ohio's population according to a few minutes of research), you get 650 people that probably have CHL's, but can't carry on the premises.

    Unless if they've hired a ton of extra police officers (which I doubt it, they haven't mentioned anything of the sort and I rarely see any, just like last year), each officer is responsible for 13,560 people.

    In America, there are 301,139,947 people according to the July 2007 estimate. There are approximately 87,000 sworn in LEO's (national law enforcement memorial fund). Each officer is responsible for 3,461 people.

    Is it right for colleges to expect college students (like myself) pay out the nose for an education, while only affording about a 1/4 of law enforcement to the campus as what is available to the outside world? And I'm denied the right to carry by state law (concealed carry) and university policy (concealed or open carry)?

    Just some numbers to think about Mr. Ferrara, just some numbers to think about....
  2. degoodman

    degoodman Out of Columbus

    Jun 7, 2004
    Marysville, OH
    Having been on UC's campus more than a few times, you have to remember that

    A) the campus covers a miniscule area in the grander scheme of things. Less than 2 square miles. You'll find that except for maybe NYC proper, the density of on-duty officers per land area is quite competetive, even with UC's manpower.

    B) According to the UC police department web page, their current manpower is 61 Sworn personnel (3 Chiefs, 8 superviosory rank officers, 33 oficers for campus and an additional 17 assigned to the medical center) plus 44 unsworn personnel (25 security officers for campus, plus 19 more for the medical center). Additionally, UC, like every other campus in the state, has a mutual aid arrangement with the surrounding police agencies (in this case the HCSO, and CPD). Your numbers likely represent the number of officers on that SHIFT, not on the department.

    C) The actual number of Sworn LEO's in this country is actually closer 880,000 according to the latest stats. The NYPD's 37,000 would account for almost 1/2 of the sworn officers in the country if your numbers were correct.

    I don't have a problem with advocating strongly for allowing carry on campus, and basically everywhere else with a very short list of exceptions that I've detailed elsewhere (person under the influence, inside courtrooms, at the meetings of governmental bodies in progress, inside the secured areas of prisons, jails, etc, and a very short list of others). However if you're going to make that assertion with numbers, make sure the numbers are correct. The ones above aren't.

  3. flitcrma

    flitcrma College!!!

    Sep 26, 2007
    Cincinnati, OH
    degoodman, this was an informal 3 minutes curiosity on my part, using google as a research tool (I never said it was accurate, and I did mention that). I do not, nor will I, argue using statistics or facts that I haven't had the time to verify. That is stupid, and spells certain doom when your "facts" are incorrect.

    Thank you for the corrections though.
  4. firedog978


    Nov 12, 2004
    Also, something to remember and factor in is UC's campus lies within the City of Cincinnati. The main streets surrounding the campus (Clifton, MLK, Calhoun, Vine etc.) are all patrolled by CPD. There's actually a large visibility of CPD units constantly in the immediate area.

    I totaly agree that the campus should not be a gun free zone.