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May be buying a Lotus Esprit V8

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by bac1023, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    I have always loved the Esprit. I plan on purchasing a V8 model in the near future. Thoughts?
  2. method


    Mar 27, 2002
    Cleveland, OH
    I love 'em too, was looking at Loti for fun on Ebay earlier tonight...check it out, a couple of really nice looking V8's. Have fun with the upkeep.

  3. epsylum

    epsylum Boolit Hoze

    Sep 4, 2004
    Racing Capital, USA
    the esprits are nice and look sweet in real life, but I would buy me a new elise instead. They have a toyota motor so at least some parts would be easy to find (what am I saying, toyota motors don't break ;f ).

    Either one is a definate head turner.
  4. Rob1035

    Rob1035 Skeet Surfer

    Jan 24, 2005
    Charlotte NC
    honestly, Lotuses (Lotusi?) is the kind of car I'd love for a friend or relative to own, so i'd have access to it, but wouldnt have to deal with any "issues".

    That being said, if you love it, you'll love it regardless!
  5. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    The Esprit is definitely a cool car to own and drive if you can find parts and services for it.
  6. waktasz

    waktasz Gamer Scumbag

    Aug 10, 2002
    Philly Area
    The 2 Elise's I saw at the autocross event this weekend were KILLING people. They are like 190hp go-carts.
  7. epsylum

    epsylum Boolit Hoze

    Sep 4, 2004
    Racing Capital, USA
    That's thier rep in europe.

    Only problem is they don't have all that much in the straights. Nothing a turbo couldn't help. ;f