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Maxpedition Remora or Lunada?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Eric2340, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Anyone use either one of these?

    (Maxpedition Remora or Lunada -

    I'm considering buying one of the two, not really sure which one is better for a Glock 22 ?

    Already had the "Jumbo Pack", found it too big for just a gun, plus I prefer the look of the single strap back pack compared to the "jumbo pack" look.

    Looking for advice on anyone who has USED either one of these.

    Thanks -
  2. Well I ordered the Remora, it's returnable if it's too small, but it looks like a G22 or G21 will fit easily in the main pocket.

    I'll post more once it get's here.


  3. thinktwice


    Mar 29, 2007
    North Carolina
    I use a Remora daily. You can't beat um.
  4. Ok so my Maxpedition Remora finally got here, and so far I really like it. :)

    It's not to big, not to small, carries all of my stuff I normally would like to carry and then some. I am finally able to COMFORTABLY carry all the stuff I want to on a regular basis and most importantly I now can easily carry no matter WHAT, and don't leave a larger gun at home or in the car, or worse, NOT carry at all. :( Aurora, Colorado taught us all that unfortunately, carry all the time, every time, no matter WHAT.

    Anywho, here's how it looks and what I have in it so you can get an idea of how much one of these bags this small can carry -

    The Remora is roughly 10"x7" (H/W) -


  5. There is a small pouch on the back of the bag I think Maxpedtion intends to be the main CCW pocket, and while it IS fast to access, it is NOT that large, and something probably only as big as a Kel Tec .380 or such would fit in the there well. It does have a snap closure at the top, but I personally would not carry this way, and anything the size of a G26 or a J-frame would probably be too bulky to carry back here.


    Ok, on to the guts if it. The main large compartment EASILY fits my G21, and my G17. Pictured here is my G21, 17, and 19 in it, in that order to give you an idea of how they fit -


  6. Here's a different angle w/ the bag laying down to give you a better idea too (my 21 and then my 17) -


    The next pocket over (secondary) is where I have a spare mag, Surefire flashlight, and small folding knife -


  7. Last up is the smallest third pocket, on the front of the bag. I've got my Leatherman tool in here just to give you an idea of it's size. Kind of map or paperwork pocket if you will -


    Last up is a side shot of the Remora, just to give you an idea of it's overall thickness. The bag is loaded w/ my G21 and all pictured here in it -


    All in all I'm pretty happy with it. It's well made and heavy duty. I got it off Ebay new from a dealer for $76 shipped, so deals are out there if you look for them. Previous to this I've had a Bianchi fanny pack I've used since the mid 90's that's held up well and still in one piece, but this bag is MUCH more well made, much heavier duty, and can easily carry a LOT more and then some. It should easily last a very long time w/ hard use.

    The strap is nice and wide, and padded at where it could carry on the shoulder, so it won't dig into you over time or w/ weight in it (like a full size gun and a bunch of gear like I have in it). The strap is also easily removable if needed and can be carried by the little padded top handle (like if the old lady and I go out to dinner to make it look like a little camera bag or what not, and NOT like a fanny pack, pack back, or other).

    The best part I like about, aside from as I said for now have no reason NOT to carry ever, is the fact I can now easily carry something as large as my G21 if I want to. As much as I like my G26, I feel a LOT better being able to carry my G21 or even a G22 if I choose too. It really now has me reevaluating my entire carry package and plan.

    Thanks -
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  8. SouthpawG26


    Sep 4, 2004
    The Lunada?

    BUT .......


  9. Brick_Top


    Apr 25, 2012
    Seems great. Not sure about for EDC.
  10. 2740dmx


    Mar 9, 2009
    Thanks for the thorough review!
    I have a Maxpedition messenger bag (forget the model name) and although I do not favor off-body carry of firearms (too many potential problems and not speedy)...
    It works for those rare times when I must not have a firearm on my body (but often want it while in the car, getting to the place where I cannot carry)

    maxpedition makes good gear, plain and simple.
  11. Thats what I was thinking. I carry all that, and more, and I dont use a bag of any sort.

    I also dont like the idea of the gun not being on my body, or at least the primary gun. Any reason why you use a bag over a holster on your body?

    Hey Brick Top, do you know anything about pigs? :supergrin:
  12. PaulMason


    Feb 10, 2010
    Are you going to be walking around the street with it?

    If so, have you looked at messenger bags? You may need to do some customization but they would blend in better. Watch the video.
  13. mixflip


    Mar 4, 2009
    I have a Jumbo versapak and I feel its too small. Too purse like. The gearslinger series is even smaller and more purse like than the versapaks.
  14. Cokeman

    Cokeman Glock 23

    Nov 6, 2006
    I'll take a purse over a fanny pack. :whistling:
  15. MoFormula


    Jul 8, 2010
    I wanted a small pack which would act as a carry case. Forgoing all the arguments of off body carry, I usually leave my firearm locked in my vehicle. However, I wanted a somewhat discreet way to carry it in and out of places such as my house, office, hotel, or even a spontaneous range session. I also wanted the smallest possible bag that would fit a full size 1911.

    I am very pleased with the Remora. For those like me that sought an answer to the question "will a full size 1911 fit?", the answer is a adamant "yes". I have even managed to carry two full size 1911s in my Remora. The rear holster-type compartment holds a full size and will snap to secure it. Yes, it is visible but not any more than a OWB holster. When properly positioned, it is reminiscent of a cross draw holster. When I need to transport in a very public place like a hotel, a full size will easily fit in the main compartment and zip to conceal fully.
  16. FlagGlock


    Mar 21, 2012
    I just picked up a Lunada Gearslinger from Maxpidition, it’s the next size up from the Remora in the Gearslinger line. It’s a little larger with a main compartment at 12" x 8" x 3". I carry my G19 OWB but I often ride and tour on a motorcycle and when I’m riding I stow my pistol in my bike’s cases. I have been using a Maxpidition pistol case, but I wanted a bag that was a little bigger that I could carry some other “get home” type items and still small enough to lock up in my bike case. The Remora was going to be too small for my G19 and the other items I wanted to stow. The Lunada is perfect I can securely stow the G19 in the main compartment’s inner organizer pocket using the universal CCW holster that attaches with hook side velcro to loop velcro in that pocket. The rear pocket on the Lunada also has a loop field for CCW but the G19 is a little tight in there and slightly exposed.

    One issue I do have with the Lunada design is the placement of the loop fields for CCW. Both loop fields are placed on the outside panels in their respected compartments. That means when you have the Lunada on your person and you swing it around in front of you to draw your pistol and insert your hand into either the inner organizer compartment or the rear pocket the CCW is awkward to draw because it’s holstered on the outside of the compartment not on the inside or against your body. I’ve convinced myself that it’s no big deal because I bought the Gearslinger to securely stow away my G19 in a “get home” type bag and not to carry. If I was going to use the bag as a carry method I would be concerned. A simple fix would be to move those two loop fields to the opposite side in their pockets.

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  17. bustedknee

    bustedknee Curmudgeon

    Aug 1, 2001
    Wythe County, VA
    Apparently, they call it a "Gearslinger" not a purse, er, I mean, a murse. :animlol:
  18. Cokeman

    Cokeman Glock 23

    Nov 6, 2006
    I got a Remora yesterday because I want something small, but just big enough throw a pistol and a few mags in.