Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger EDC

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by Deputydave, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    Does anyone have/use the Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger or one of the clones? If so, what are your impressions? The UTG messenger bag I just purchased is great, but more of a GHB or when out on a trip or day hiking. Looking for something smaller for just day-to-day EDC that also fits a CCW when clothing or circumstances don't allow carry on the body.

    Appreciate your input. :wavey:

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  3. pspez

    I love mine. I bought the universal holster and the extra mag holder and it is really convenient when I don't or can't wear a holster.

  4. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    The rear pocket that has the button snap at the top, would it fit a Glock 19? I also have the universal holster.
  5. I have a friend who has the Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger and he likes it, but I think he likes my 5.11 Rush Moab 6 better. I would take a good look at both and compare before you buy. Just a suggestion. Thanks
  6. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    Thank you. I was taking a look at the Moab 6 as well on YT. It looks to be bigger than the Remora Gearslinger. If that's the case I would kinda like to go smaller, providing it still carries my G19/23 size weapon. I have the UTG messenger bag for a more sizable carry option which looks around the same size as the Moab 6, perhaps slightly smaller?

    I'd even be interested in one of the Max clones if the quality is there. The UTG is excellent with the exception of the buckle like I mentioned in the EDC thread. But it was an easy fix and brought the overall price down to $19 which is hard to beat! I've seen various clones on Ebay like Airsoft and Molle Tactical that looks the same. I don't think the Airsoft has velcro in the rear pocket though according to one of the sellers. I'm going to try and hit the flea market this weekend as they have a few vendors that sell all kinds of bags and such. This way maybe I can compare quality, size and features. Some of these knock-offs are in the $15-$30 range. If the quality and features aren't there then I'll spring for the $70's that I'm seeing on Ebay and Amazon.

    All comments welcome, particularly if you have used the rear compartment for CCW. Thanks. :)
  7. Quality isn't there in the lower priced stuff. Max perdition makes some tough stuff. Cry once and use it.

    All the cheaper stuff I have is pretty much given to me. I can get a year out of things before the rips and tears and ESP zippers give out.

    UTG is on the upper level of cheap stuff to me but it's not Maxpedition quality.
  8. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    I think you may be right about 'cry once' and get the Maxpedition. I contacted one of the Ebay dealers to find out if the back pocket (CCW pocket) has velcro for the universal holster, it didn't. I think this was the Airsoft version.
  9. I carry a Sitka dailey. I looked at the Remora and decided it was to small after reading some reviews. It probally would have worked. i carry a Ipad, iPhone, chargers, Glock 19 or 21, two spare mags, CRKT M21-04 and glasses. it still has a bunch of room in it. As far quality no issues.
  10. FAS1

    I have been looking at the Remora for quite a while too. Seems to be the right size and quality for what I want. I think I am going to finally get one. Glad you brought it up.
  11. SPIN2010

    SPIN2010 Searching ...

    I would be very careful of Maxpedition's "Warrior" polymer buckels they are very fragile. I, for one am giving up on plastic buckles as they seem to just not like the cold (mine broke while very cold).

    I have been trying to get this Mongo bag repaired (1.5 yrs old) by Maxpedition but they seem to be pulling a heavy load getting back with me. YMMV
  12. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    Well, I put a lot of time in doing research for online reviews from various sites as well as youtube vids. I decided to go ahead and get the Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger. What convinced me to go ahead was seeing one on Ebay this afternoon for $62.50. That was the least expensive amount I've seen for this bag, not counting the clones. I was really tempted to go the the flea market this weekend and look for a clone or get one online. They're in the mid $20 range give or take. But most of the online reviews weren't all that encouraging. Mainly the quality, zippers etc.

    Hoping I like it :cool:
  13. Cool - al;ways thought one of those would make a nice little car bag.

    Jumbo is my main bag.
  14. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    Looking forward to getting it and setting it up! :cool:
  15. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    Got it in the mail today :cool:

    Even better than I though it would be. There is another zipper pouch underneath the MaxP label on the front. Didn't know that was there so it was a freebie pocket for me! Makes for a nice, readily accessible pouch type pocket for phone, keys, glasses etc. Stuff you'd tend to use more often and don't want buried.

    Came with a very nice 511 first aid zippered pouch. I'll use that with the UTG Messenger Bag I bought. That is going to be my day-hiking type bag. Just got the Remora set up with my normal stuff. Still nice and light even with the off-duty sidearm. The shoulder strap is more padded and comfortable than I was expecting as well so I'm very pleased with that.

    I'll see about maybe taking a pic of the bag and the stuff I normally carry.
  16. I edc between the 5.11 covrt 18 and the 5.11 messanger bag due to having a laptop for work and traveling for work. but I prefer the covrt 18 more.
  17. Deputydave

    Millennium Member


    Well I don't actually have a MaxP Remora Gearslinger after all. Turns out it is a MaxP Lunada Gearslinger which is the next step up. I couldn't figure out why my 'Remora' had and extra pocket on the top front, just underneath the MaxP logo (where the ties are to hold a water bottle or windbreaker etc). Figured it was just a new model of Remora or something. I was looking around on the MaxP website and clicked on the Lunada by mistake (listed right next to the Remora). Then I realized what had happened. It was listed on Ebay as a Remora but is actually a Lunada. Which actually worked out better for me as it is only slightly larger but has the extra zippered pocket.

    Yay me :wavey:
  18. I have a Sitka, Remora, and a Noatak....As far as the sling bags go for EDC, the Noatak is the best of the compact slingbags Max offers. I found the Sitka a bit cumbersome to carry everywhere. While I was enthusiastic about trying out the remora, I found it to be too small for any serious EDC use. It is poorly designed for CCW as well. It's biggest downfalls are the inward facing loop fields. Right or left handed, a decent, controlled draw with a positive grip is unmanagable when the loop field faces inward. Additionally, the CCW pocket on the reverse barely conceales a medium frame auto. When I say barely, I mean some parts still show. While Ive never used a Lunada, I've heard they are over-adminned (too many interior pockets and organizers). Again, my pick is the Noatak.
  19. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    I have to say I've been very impressed with the Lunada. For me, it is just the right size and easily carries everything I think is essential for EDC. And I still have room left over for when I feel the need to adjust or add something.

    I use it daily for back and forth to work and practice my drawing from the rear pocket.

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