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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Putok-Glock, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. quite right bro j, malayo yung 2 plates lalo na ung sa kanan pero I surmised kahit pumwesto ka dun sa open space malayo pa din so I might as well minimize my movement and stay behind the table and be accurate na lang. I did not engage the farthest plate sa last pos kasi mas nasa tamang pacing na ako for long shots behind the table. I didnt want to change my pace for paper targets dun sa dulo. at galing sa pagtakbo, hingal na din ako dun baka mag miss pa...

    Kung SS ako I wont shoot it my way...delikado maubos bala sa plates. I would run it your way but reload after the 1st pos.

    Stephen H was the champ sa Open? WOW!!!

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  2. Uncle PG, talo ako sa iyo sa both stage 9 and 12. Sa stage 9, 10.66 time ko with 8A & 6C. I had to re engage the last popper. Sa stage 12 naman I got really lazy and hinde ko matamaan yung mga bakal. 16 sec time ko, 16A. I think I had maybe 2 to 3 re engagements sa bakal so I did a reload going right. We had the same programming except I ran infront of the table not behind like you did =D

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  4. You look more aggressive with the Glock on some stages.
  5. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

    great shooting sir PG:thumbsup:
    sabi nga nila hindi ang pana kundi ang indian :cool:

    mukhang mas aggressive ka nga pag naka glock.....kaya balik glock na:supergrin:
  6. I agree uncle PG, or is it just an adjusting phase from glock to 2011? :wavey:
  7. I fully agree w/ you guys on the aggressiveness but I think it was due to my temperament in each of those matches. My mood was quite different in those two matches. And this is just another real-match example for my post in the PPSA Natls 2010 thread re mental game is different on each day... its a continuous study of one's self. This makes this sports very interesting and challenging.
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  8. which had the faster time, the aggresive satge or the relaxed stage?
  9. cant compare them but I was more relaxed when I ran those aggressive stages (Bolo Cup) w/ the Glock as compared to those laid-back 2011 runs (Nats). iirc, I had the whole 12 stages of Bolo in 3hrs only w/o feeling tired afterwards. I think it had to do much w/ the preparations I made. I didnt want to mention it here or to anyone including myself as I dont cater much to alibis when it comes to evaluating my perf. But for purposes of objectivity and sharing, here it is:

    Immediately before the Bolo was our 6mos. gun ban due to the Natl elections. In that period, I dryfired 6 days a week, 1hr min each day and also made physical preps but it was not so "physical" as I had to consider my age and my not so athletic body. I worked mostly on my stamina and flexibility. After the ban I hit the range 3x aweek. Thats for the Bolo...

    In the Natls, I prepared the same way during the 45day bngy election gun ban preceding it. The ban ended Nov 10, but in Nov 11 I hurt my back so bad I could hardly carry myself upright. I was devastated by this. After a few days rest the pain subsided dramatically. A week or two before the Natls I was able to do live practice. But my mental game was down. I had doubts in my game. But I kept telling myself Im still the same shooter I was, but the doubts wont leave me. I decided to attack the prob, its when I thought of the pustahan w/ my buddies. I wanted to intimidate myself. It was meant to settle the issue for myself at least one time. The amount shouldnt be too small to ignore and my kapustahan should be at par or better than me, for this to be effective for my purpose. Post match: I thought I shot the match to my best ability. I lost sa pustahan, but in the process I won my confidence back and had valuable insights in my mental game.

    and Its GOOD you guys noticed the difference between the 2 matches. Before this, I knew the 2 were not the same but I couldnot put my finger on it. What and where are the differences? I couldnot see them. I dont see it as a Glock vs a 2011 issue. It was more of a software issue, i think. That aggressiveness factor really scaped me. But it was there all along! Thanks guys!!!

    But I can go to Glock anytime, Ans:supergrin:
    will see, Im working on Sir A's inputs now so Im thinking of doing them w/ my Glock open set-up:rofl:

    PS: those preps were not meant exclusively for the said matches. I subscribe to the program to develop and improve my skills , my main goal. so, its a continuous work out. Those matches just coincided at that time w/ the overall/main goal. Im only a B class in std, so its a long long way. As long as I still enjoy the process, and the time permits, its no prob...
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  10. kelangan lang yan ng warrior attitude :)
    spartan warrior , sigue sigue , samurai mentality
    Walang kinakatakutan, even death or in this case, losing
    Walang practice? may injury? namatay ang aso? iniwan ng gf?
    No excuses , you fight to the Death! naks
    All this pressure isa lang naman ang source - fear of losing
    Win or lose, it's all the same
    It's the combat we love
    Wag matakot matalo, and you'll win
  11. thats the ideal attitude for serious competitor,
    but it runs against the grain of human nature,
    its why the real battle is within,
    its why one should not mind who the competition is,
    winning a match is only secondary.
  12. CONGRATS Zen for being the CHAMP revo shooter in 2nd MacMac Cup last Sat-Sun
    and to Ahtsay and Ans in Std.

    I met the BOGS shooting team in Wilson last Sat am. they arrived as I was about to leave. we had a short chat. Nice seeing you guys...Dont know yet how we fared there, no results yet in the 'net.

    Hope you can post your vids
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  13. Uncle PG, me and ans had a horrible match:crying:
    Ans had a horrible jam. Nag 180 yung ammo niya sa chamber while reloading. Took him 10 sec to clear the jam. Sayang he was on his way to a top 10 finish sana. Ako naman I forgot that aiming was a necessity in shooting. Ang lalapit kasi ng target kaya hinde nako nag a aim:supergrin: hehe! How come you didn't shoot mac-mac?
  14. Thanks Sir PG! I had a pretty decent game, my first time to be psychologically balanced during a match :supergrin: unfortunately, i didnt get videos of ans and ahstay since we were in different squads so that we could finish the match early. ans (aka charles ong) also played revo, sayang dapat top 3 siya, napagod na ata trigger finger nya sa last stage of the match.

    Here's my video for my first stage, medyo fresh pa trigger finger ko. hehehe
  15. galing ng shoot mo zen ah, tips naman dyan how to shoot revo! hehehe,
    btw thanks sa revo smithing tips mo, worked on my 625 last saturday
  16. No excuses, kung ano man nangyari sa match it is was it is, and yun na talaga ang outcome:)

  17. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

    oist! bakit walang videos???!!
  18. Zen you shoot a revo like a pistol!:wow: and your moves were effortless, something to emulate! actually ngayon ko lang nakita how you shoot...

    Ahts, I was supposed to shoot macmac last Sat then Wilson Sun, pero bigla ako kinailangan sa Bat kaya doon na ako tumakbo then uwi na to Bicol. Sayang, pagkakataon ko na sana talunin kayo:supergrin:

    wala pa rin results wilson?

    St mat, I plan to post some vids pero wala ako time to upload now, too busy pa...maybe later
  19. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

  20. Makoy this is what Zen eats for breakfast before a match. :supergrin:

    Uncle PG, sayang hinde tayo nagkita sa Mac-Mac. BTW, may results na Wilson. Congrats!! 3rd kayo :thumbsup: Very nicely done!

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