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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by Putok-Glock, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    You are free to comment/critique/lambast this video:supergrin:
    This is Stage 7 in PPSA Natls 2010


    more to come later:supergrin:

    Tnx Doc EC!

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  3. That was very cool! Looked like you did very well.
    Thumbs up on that vid. [​IMG]

  4. fafa ikaw ba yan? mas bumata ka dito kesa dun sa isang vid :)

    Nice run pards, ganda! muntik nako mapadryfire nung napauod ko hehe
    Pang ilan ka sa match? kamusta hits?
    Pag aralan mo individual stage results kung san ka natatalo kasi sa galaw maganda na
  5. Eye Cutter


    ang galing papa pg!
  6. st. matthew

    st. matthew c_w@_u_need_2_c

    kuhang-kuha ang galaw ni jet :supergrin:

    more videos please :supergrin:
  7. mga bro, sorry nakalimutan ko sabihin hindi po ako yun:supergrin: was in a hurry kasi may work pa ako kanina...

    Eto po slo-mo version ko ng stage na yun hehe "Spot d Changes"

    Sir A pano ba pagpabilis na wala miss/error? It will be my New Year's Reso...wag mo lang sabihin nasa edad yan ha:supergrin:

    Guys, post naman ng vids nyo, promise I will behave na:supergrin:
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  9. who's the team armscor dude? :)
    maganda icompare mo yung run ni mr armscor w/ yours, easy to see where you canimprove
    Watching the rest of the vids, napansin ko ma kanto pa yung galaw mo
    Movement from port to port , starting and stopping may konti adjustment
    Sa field course , when sprinting use your forefoot pag takbo and lean a little forward
    wag mo na ilapat ang heel sa lupa until you stop to shoot , kasi it's faster way to run
    2 steps or less , I like to keep both hands on the gun
    Pag 3 steps , bitaw isang kamay mas madali humakbang , then hawak ulit sa baril when your 1 step away direcho turo sa 1st target
    Madali naman adjust , minor lang
    I'll add more siguro and explain when I'm not so drunk hehe
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  10. Bro, he's D Jet at Team Jethro sya. Ganun sya ka low key kaya di mo nakilala. I idolize his humility more than his world class skill. Kahit yung humility lang makuha ko solved na ako:supergrin:
    It was good na nakunan ko sya video on same angle as mine. Its much easier to compare and learn from it.

    and korek ka bro, prob movement ko from position to position. And the way I see it mas grabe bagal ko sa take off though mabagal din talaga landing and index to first target. Using the forefoot ba, is it the opposite of cross-over and roll technique where the hind foot makes the first step towrds the intended direction, crossing over the lead foot? And keeping the heels of both feet off the ground while shooting is akin to leaning more forward? Before this, its more of recoil management to me but you added another aspect to it, as aid in quicker movement. Timely, may sked ako live fire this pm sa range, will test/learn it. Keeping the gun up w/ 2 hands w/in 2 steps is right on kaso lagi ko nakakalimutan hehe. pero mas madali eto sa dry fire praktisin. Yung kanto sa galaw, dont know how to go about yet. Lean w/ my weight ahead? its good you pointed it out, ngayon conscious na ako. How about my trans from target to target, I can see it needs a lot of work pa.

    thanks a lot Master A! kahit drunk malinaw pa din:supergrin:

    Ang your above advise means I have a lot of work to do for my new years reso....:cool:

    hope to have vids and comments from others too. This thread is for BoGs, hindi lang sa amin dalawa ni Sir A:wavey:
  11. paano ba pabilis movement? anu cross training dapat i practice?
  12. bro, same concern as mine. my idea is speed is effeciency of motion, both physical and mental. how to develop it, Im still a student of this. the mental part is best seen in this vid link. Its stage 6 in PPSA Natls 2010. It had a lot of gun and body movement. and my run is best characterized by indecissiveness (mental) and it slowed me a lot. I was too careful not to miss...
  13. re forefoot landing
    pinagtatawanan kasi ako barkada ko bakit ang bagal ko tumakbo
    years of long distance running , I've forgotten how to sprint
    To sprint , you need to lean forward pushing your whole body forward w/ your leg using your FOREFOOT ( hindi tiptoe! ) lang nakatapak sa sahig
    That's how your run fast
    Hindi heel ang lumalanding sa sahig

    Sa simula , I practice putok on diff days than galaw
    Yung galaw , I dont shoot. Sometines I dont even hold a gun, just a mag
    Pag kasi may baril pa , too many inputs for your mind to grasp
    Mas madali matuto when you concentrate sa galaw lang

    re kanto
    it's usually , when you shoot straight legged then when you start to move , you bend your knees to lower your center of gravity, para magka bwelo ka
    That costs time, lalo na sa mga matatangkad kasi mataas center of gravity
    Look closely sa vids mo. See yourself bumubwelo bago tumakbo
    Laki oras sayang especially if madaming ports
    Para wala kanto , what I do is to shoot naka lower na center of gravity, usually by shooting naka bent na tuhod
    That way , wala ng bwelo, I could start moving faster

    Another way is to lean on the foot( while shooting ) kung saan direction ka pupunta
    That way , wala na rin bwelo kasi you just lift this foot and your body falls into the direction na pupuntahan mo

    re tran target to target
    practice it dry, better than shooting live imo, since you wana practice finding the next target w/ out the distrasction of blast and recoil

    If you really want to change your game, wag ka muna pumutok ng matches for mga 2 months and just practice
    Kasi if you shoot a match , babalik ka lang ulit sa old habits mo if the new techniques you want has not yet been ingrained sa utak

    I'm sure other guys may have a diff technique
    But mine is free hehe

    ps - di ko nakilala si jethro
    fighting form , ang payat a
  14. running is the same as jumping, except you move on a horizontal plane
    Plyometrics, sprinting up stairs, jump rope etc
    btw, di ba you jump higher w/ you heels slightly raised ( pareho lang sa sprinting )
    Any sport that makes you sprint stop, chnage direction
    akala ko dati ,long ditance running would make me faster
    Opposite ang nagnyari

    BTW, any changes na gagawin nyo sa shooting technique sigurado babagal muna kayo
    It's natural lang
    So if you test a new tech and it seems it doesnt work , wag basta ibasura
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  15. I should take these to heart, these are as important as the techniques that came w/ it.

    Bro A, again tama ka, those changes in technique are best learned in dry practice. Kahapon sa range, I was so confused dahil nga sa dami ng inputs. So last night I decided to incorporate them in my dry fire sessions, my usual practice regimen. In my estimate, those things alone will take me months of contineous practice to make them work for me.

    Bro, seemed no words of appreciation are enough to express my gratitude. And what I admire most is your willingness to share.
    And its free because no amount of money can buy that...thats its real worth!

    oh, what a way to start a new year:wavey:
  16. thanks din fafa A sa tips! i will try to incorporate sa practice, altho i cant stay away from matches at dun lang ako nalilibang, dibale i run the course slower as long as i can do the right thing!

    thanks a lot din, appreciate it! :)
  17. Uncle PG, thanks for posting your videos! I have compared them to mine, and it's very interesting :popcorn:. We can see clearly we have different styles in shooting. Maliksi yung mga galaw mo, while I move like a whale :supergrin:

    I just have a question doon sa stage 10 mo. Why did you start on the right compared to starting on the left? To be honest, I was really confused too. My shooting partner is left handed so he opted to start on the right too. He said you get a better view of the double running man on the right side. However I was looking at the option on the right (yung naka tayo), if I start on the right, hinde masyado visible ito and I would have to shift to the left to see it (or shoot it on the move while going left). I was really lucky on this stage. Ed Martin shot the stage before me, and he started on the left. After shooting he told his shooting partner to shoot it on the left as it was the best "way" daw. So I decided to just follow his programming. I was also able to shoot 2 options in the 2nd shooting position before engaging the double running man. :supergrin:
  18. I have been following this post like hell twitter account. This is so liberating aside from being informative. Thanks a lot! More to come... I hope.:cool:
  19. Bro, d Jet was in my squad. Sa walk thru he advised his team mates to start on the left. I studied it too but I was convinced I would be better off sa right ako. I was the first shooter sa squad so the mental burden was not much. then I left for the next stage after my run coz I was in a hurry to finish the match in 1 day. Kaya I was not able to compare.
    My reasons in starting on right side:
    1. the activator on the right was visibly nearer than that on the left.
    2. drawing while shifting my weight to the left for the activator then quickly shifting weight to the right was more cumbersome than drawing to targets on my right w/o shifting weight then just lean to left for the next position.
    3. I thought it was easier to make the ground target an option target than the upright (not visible in vid). The ground trgt and the running men were visible the whole span of the doorway. My momentum going fr right to left would naturally push me to the left of the doorway where the upright was visible only fr that side as it was partially covered by a wall. Note that the "A" of the upright targt was only visible sa left of doorway. If I went left to right, my momentum could make me overshoot that position, so I'd better be careful and control my movement. In the rush of things I didnt want that in my mind. Also going left to right would make me shoot that ground target backing up towards the last pos on the right w/c is 3-4 steps away. A bit complicated compared to my option w/c was 2 steps going forward to the left final pos, shoot the paper as I land and lean out to get the popper...clear as mud?:supergrin:nahilo din ako.
    accdg to my notes my stage stats were 9.77sec, 6A 6C 2D...btw this is stage 9, my mistake in the vid title. pls compare your stats...bka tapon mo na scor sht? your stage time should be faster w/ 2 option targets...

    bro mas mabilis ka sa shifting of weight, at sakto landings. besides your analysis sa movements and target sequence were spot on. I studied your posts sa PPSA thread sa kabila...kaya nga #10 ka and Im #20:supergrin: Pero dont dare na maki pustahan ka sa akn hehe... Yung nanalo sa pustahan namin yung #11 haha

    Thanks bro...glad it helps, aside from the fun aspect.
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  20. again I ran this stage different from most shooters. the RO's attested to that...tigas ulo talaga hehe. this is stage 12. my stats 13.59sec, 14A, 1C, 1D..
    most ran to the port for the 3 papers w/ no-shoot then ran to the right of wall, stop, shot the paper, plate, plate, then to the final pos on the right.

    could be my best stage, but comments/inputs are welcome...
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  21. eto yung stage na nakuha ni stephen h ng 8 sec yata yun if i remember it right. pang single stack game plan sir pg ah, ako 3 positions dito, kakatakot yung plate sa extreme right at medyo malayo sya dba? first is lapit sa port then sa open space then last position dun sa port sa right side, although pwede din dun kunin yung isang bakal dba?

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