Match grade slide lock (revisited)

Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by TexasPOff, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Interested in trying one but curious if problems are resolved or if Mr. Graham is selling these again. The above post was from February of 2012.


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  2. recon

    Millennium Member

    Has T. R. Graham said anything yet on this other than what he already posted?

  3. g9er


  4. Emailed Graham a few times now with no responce. Looking to experiment with the MGSL on a Gen 3 17.
  5. rick458

    rick458 USS Texas BB-35

    It tightened my groups up a bit, with zero issues on my Gen3 G-17, it is my EDC.
  6. A few people w/ a few guns. ok talked about it, sounds like a little filing or hand sanding (fitting) would solve the prob.
    Has anyone done this simple thing that sounds like a no brainer?
    Now that you've scared off the manufacturer w/out any diligance I can't buy one to try. Or fit a little if needed. How about if someone sells me their "bad" part so i can get one,I actually want 4 & will take 4 if i can get them, Come on so I can improve accuracy w/ my glocks!
    You can pm if for shipping info.
  7. Actually I think the change that occurred was on Glocks part.
    If one were to change TR's slot in his MGSL it would some what ,or all together negate the benefit of his fine MGSL.
    SJ 40
  8. Still have it installed in my G19RTF2. About 3000 rounds now. Still locks up tighter than the stock piece.
  9. Frankly I think it is a device made for people that don't understand how their Glocks work. At twenty feet I can take my either of my 17's and consistenty have 5 shots all at worst still touching each other. So what would this device do for me exactly? I think people get it, think it makes their gun more accurate, gain some confidence, and do shoot better. I've never seen a Glock with an accuracy problem that didn't end up being a shooter grip, trigger, or flinching problem. Want to impress me when this product comes back out? Get two identical factory stock 17's. In one put this device. The other leave the factory device. Get a group of 5 good shooters together. Let each one do tests with 5 rounds per gun. Switch them so one time they shoot one or the other first but never tell them which has the device. Prove that the device does what some of you claim vs. just thinking it does.
  10. *EDITED* Talked to Mr. Graham and he cleared up some of the questions I had.
    #410 ChCx91, Sep 24, 2012
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  11. Could you share this information with us?
  12. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    I got it more for the ease of take-down, it is very well made and I like them. Best of all it supports a fellow Texan. T.R. is a great guy and I have had 0 issues with the 4 glocks that have his part installed.
  13. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Talked to him last week on the phone, he is not selling or producing these anymore. Which sucks because I love them and can no longer add them to my new guns. Ran off by the BTF crowd, sweet...
  14. I though the issue was the breakages that this was causing that he was trying to figure out.
  15. TTAC

    Glock changed their heat treating and deminsions of the rear lug notch this stop engages on their newer guns.
    Why they changed this when the gun was built like a tank, I don't know.
  16. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    Ya the issue was with barrel lugs "chipping". I group them all together in the complainers group.

    Sent from my iPhone... which probably auto-corrected something wrong
  17. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    Frankly Glocks are not the most sharp guns and this device does mechanicaly enhance the return of the barrel in the same position after the shot.
    Shooting off hand doesn't mean anything, in regard of your example with the two G17s, you will observe different story when you put both guns on Ransom Rest.
  18. So what should a person who bought this and had their barrel lug chip do? Just take it like a man and not report it? :rofl:

    A stock Glock 26 or 17 in my hands makes one hole for 5 rounds from 20 feet. I'm not exactly a gifted shooter either.

    I would agree about the value of a test from a Ransom though.
  19. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    i have a hard time believing they chipped enough to effect the performance of the gun, if at all
  20. .38 super

    .38 super Observer

    I'm sorry, 20' are about 7 meters, try it on 20 yards, off hand with standard issue G22 and then come and tell me how sharp are you with your stock Glock...

    If you agree on the Ransom Rest what is your point then ?
    Just because in your hands the gun is sharp this means that we all should be shooting as you do ?
    If I can dump the mag of my G22 in 4-7" circle, rapid fire, on 7-10 yards, I'll be happy. This slide lock did shrink my group little bit and this is all I care about.

    Your abilities with G26 or 17 are irrelevant for the subject of this conversation because theoretically and practically the device is proven to do whatever it was intended to do.

    If you can recognize an attack, draw and fire 5 shots in one POA, on 7' this is great, good for you. I cannot do it and I don't have time to do all of the required training for such result so devices as this-one are in my opinion helping me, what's your case... frankly, I don't care... :supergrin:

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