Match grade slide lock (revisited)

Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by TexasPOff, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. TexasPOff

    TexasPOff "Dump The Hump"

    I finally got around to testing my new Match grade slide lock agains't the stock OEM part. This test was by no means scientific, but was pretty impressive at least to me. The Pistol late model 3rd Gen G23. Modifications AmeriGlo Pro series night sights, Ghost tactical connector, and a polish job, compliments of TR Graham. The rounds were standard 180 grain Remmington target fodder nothing special. My little test was conducted at a local indoor range. I shot 11 rounds from 25 yards, about a round per second, with the OEM slide lock. Rounds were point of aim at center of target. Reloaded magazine with 11 more rounds, same ammo from same lot and box. Tore the pistol down replaced the slide lock with the MGSL, took about 45 seconds and fired again from the 25. Notice the difference in group size. Yes the group was shot to the right to see a comparison. I must say I am impressed with this inexspensive drop in part. What the MGSL does is allow a more consistant repeatable lock up on the barrel. In essance it works much like a match grade link does in the 1911 platform. It will not affect the reliablity of the pistol, as it works just like the OEM slide lock. The part is made to exacting tollerances compared to the stamped OEM part. Anyway hats off to TR Graham for a great part in my opinion, this one is staying in my 23. if you are looking for a little better accuracy out of your Glock try this before you go the barrel route. It is much less exspensive, plus if you do decide on a barrel, it will make it work even better. :2gun:


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  3. g20sf

    could you post some info about how to optail these pieces so that I may get them for my babies, sounds like a piece that I would add to all of my already modified glocks.



  4. TexasPOff

    TexasPOff "Dump The Hump"

    TR Graham can be reached at (832)695-7192, or emai at Great guy to deal with. The MGSL is $30.00, and super easy to install. The MGSL is the one on top. You can see the area where the barrel locks into is smaller than the OEM. The MGSL is lightly extended as well allowing for easier take down. It is hard to see in the pictures, but the OEM slide lock is actually bowed a little. TR explaind that with a stamped part this sometimes happens. This can also be a mechanical contribution to your Glock not shooting POA. It can cause shooting left of right. The one I have here is a pretty good one as you can see the wear marks are fairly even. TR said look at your slide lock, and there will usually be wear more on one side than the other. This is an effect of the part not being true, or straight. The MGSL is laser cut harded steel, and is very true. My 23 shoot POA to begin with, so this wasn't an issue for me.


  5. I have one, and I'm impressed with the part. YMMV
  6. jdleejr

    jdleejr NRA Patron

    Did it change you grouping as well gsarg?
  7. jdleejr

    jdleejr NRA Patron

    Did it change your grouping as well?
  8. I have them installed on all my glocks except the 36. It is frustrating shooting without one installed. Well worth the small cost.
  9. ArkinDomino

    ArkinDomino Registered Dude

    Really? Does this really work? My shoots are kinda left...
  10. Did you do a blind comparison between the two to see if the groups really changed? How much improvement did you get?
  11. Yes it did. I never benched it, though.
  12. thumbs up on this part. I've had mine for several months. I believe he said it is made out of a better material too. no complaints here.
  13. jbirds1210

    jbirds1210 Willwork4ammo

    I have them on all of my Glocks. There is alot of "voodoo" about what will make a perfectly functioning Glock perform better......this part is the only one I have found that actually does.

  14. I am very intrigued by this part and ready to plunk the cash down to try one but I haven't gotten a response from Mr. Graham. Has anyone had success in contacting him?
  15. I talked to him lastnight and ordered one, Very nice guy....
  16. T. R. Graham

    T. R. Graham The Glocksmith


    Sorry if I've not got back to anyone who has tried to contact me, but I've haven't checked my email in a few days....busy, busy....

    Right now, the best way to contact me is to call. (see TexasPOff's second post for the number.)

    However, I've just got done answering a slew of emails.

    And for all of you who have my MGSL, thank you for your kind comments.
  17. I've always been skeptical of most things that are available to modify Glocks and when I saw this, I thought that it can't possibly be an improvement. When I lived in TX, I'd often see T.R. Graham at gun shows. I always thought of him as a top notch guy. I really don't think he'd bother with it if it wasn't a noticible improvement. I'm curious to hear from more people that have used it.
  18. Went to H&H range today with new part installed and all I can say is, What a difference! Will be ordering one for all my Glocks!
  19. We are all capable of believing what we want to. I am amazed at how I do that myself. :supergrin: It is just barely possible that you just think the performance was better or that the performance WAS better because you were trying harder (subconsciously) or because you felt more confident. The only way to be sure is to do a blind side-by-side comparison. Have someone else install the slide lock so you don't know which one is in the gun. Then have them swap the parts and shoot again. That way you will know for sure that it's the part and not you.

    I do NOT mean any disrespect to you or the manufacturer of the part. I really hope that it does improve performance. But only a blind test can tell for sure.
  20. Took along a buddy and several other Glocks, He did not know which pistol I installed in, Results WHERE different, I not saying THE part had anything to do with it, Just stating it works for me....
  21. scottschoe

    scottschoe Rebuilding

    Just ordered one today...for the price I can't resist trying it out.

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