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Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Steve Koski, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Steve Koski

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    I'm a master class shooter in IDPA, and I signed up for two master divisions this Saturday in SLC. Yesterday somebody told me that MA in IDPA didn't make you a MA as far as GSSF is concerned. Is this true? Can I change to amateur divisions at the match?



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  2. From the rules .... see the bold section.


  3. I wondered about that. Not sure what GSSF's intent is, but odd they would equate USPSA and IDPA Master classes. There's a pretty big difference in skill level between the two.
  4. Steve Koski

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    Thank you!

    Any chance they'll let me change Div's at the match? Or are you locked in once you email your form in?


  5. legacy38

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    Either email them at or give them a call to see if they will change it for you. They usually try to work things out in the shooter's favor.
  6. Steve Koski

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  7. I'm sure GSSF will change it when you check in.
  8. You might what to shoot Master Stock for a warm up.
  9. ede

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    Hi Steve, long time since I've seen you here/ You should be shooting AmCiv and Competition. Comp. allows Masters and Amatures to compete, the results are listed together but each compete for a different prize set. If you have a pistol legal for Sub Compact or a .45 you should look at other divisions to enter as well.
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    Pretty clear they DON'T "equate" them. They deliberately exclude IDPA Masters, because as you said, there is quite a bit of difference between the two.
  11. They equated Master in GSSF, IDPA and USPSA previously, in the form of using Master-class in other shooting sports as a qualifier for Master in GSSF. That is what "shall no longer count towards" in the rules quote in Post #2 refers to.

    I said I wondered about that - past tense. I saw it some time ago in the GSSF rules, and thought it was odd.

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