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Massachusetts., the land aof the banned

Discussion in 'New England Colonial Club' started by Dave C, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Dave C

    Dave C

    Mar 17, 2008
    For many of you out there you are probably unaware that the
    Massachusetts's Attorney General has written REGULATIONS, not laws voted by the state representatives, that bans Glocks built after September of 1998 to be sold through legitimate dealers. We who love Glocks pay big bucks for even 2nd generation Glocks, much less 3rd generation Glocks built before September 21st , 1998. There were only a limited number of 3rd Generation Glocks built that year making them a premium in this state.

    I would be delighted to pay $700 for a Glock 19 3rd generation in very good condition built before September 21st, 1998. If you would like to cash in please contact me at and we can arrange an exchange through Four Seasons Fire Arms in Woburn, MA. As insane as it might seem to you in "normal" states, this is our dilemma. Note that most of our police departments are issued Glocks, they have an exception to the regulation, but the rest of us are banned from the improvement in the grip and frame.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for any legal transaction (you are licensed and can sell through a dealer in MA)


    Dave C

    Massachusetts[s at
  2. PRNJ Pete

    PRNJ Pete

    Aug 16, 2008
    Central NJ
    Did they give any reason to ban post 1998 Glocks?

  3. Does mass have regulations like this on other firearm makes, or just Glocks?
  4. Dave C

    Dave C

    Mar 17, 2008
    it's not just Glocks. There are a whole slew of things the AG regulated out of reach under, get this, consumer protection. One of the more amazing is the requirement for a ten pound trigger. The regualtion actually referrs to the need to prevent an average five year old to pull the trigger, which they deem means 10 lbs or more (a Sig double action/single action is legal with a twelve pound first shot and a three and a half pund follow up shot). They also require that the gun cannot fire with the magazine not in place, They require that there is a specific safety to identify that a round is in the chamber....and it goes on. Many, many guns are not legal for a fire arms dealer to sell as a result of this regulation....most Colts for example. There are specific tests the gun manufacturer's must pay to put their fire arms through to prove they pass the slew of regulations.

    The thing that hurts about Glocks is that they are specifically on the "legal" list drawn up by the legistalture, but are only legal "pre-ban" for the general public because of the Attorny General's regulations.

    Massachusetts is an anti-gun state by and large, although the pro-gun constituancy is active and pretty substantial, They just don't have the political clout they should have, and the anti-gun constituancy is well connected.
  5. -ninja-


    Jul 20, 2008

    I live in mass too.

    We have a 10lb. trigger rule. That rules out just about any DA only gun. A while ago Glock , started shipping us ones with the NY trigger and started to sell them in mass. That only lasted a couple months until our AG started whining that the loaded chamber indicator was not good enough, so Glock gave up with Mass.

    Dave C-

    You need to check with Four Seasons to see if what you want to do is legal. I may be wrong, but I think that glocks have to have been regestered in Mass before the ban date, therefor not legal to buy from someone out of state even if made before the ban. The only exception I am aware of is LE. If you can find a LEO who is selling his you can buy it legally.

    That is what I thought the rule was but double check with FS.
  6. PRNJ Pete

    PRNJ Pete

    Aug 16, 2008
    Central NJ
    Thanks for replying to my post. Nice to hear once in a while that there are still some states more f*'d up than NJ! (although I'm sure our polititans are working night and day to catch up!!!)
  7. slewfoot

    slewfoot Random Mayhem

    May 13, 2007
    S.E. Pa
    Isn't it ironic our country was founded in Massachusetts by patriots who were fed up with stupid laws and taxes?

    You people are no better off now, than you were the day before the Tea Party.
  8. First of all, the Mass laws on this only apply to the SELLER. There is no law prohbiting you from buying any Glock, even a brand new one. And these laws apply to retailers. A private party selling a new Glock is not breaking the law.

    Second, it is completely legal to bring any pre-1998 Glock into the state. You can buy one mail order if like. The only hitch is that many out of state retailers hesitate to get involved in a Mass transaction, scared of the AG.

    The other requirements, like 10 pound trigger pull, magazine safety, loaded chamber indicator, do not apply to all guns. Numerous brands of 1911's are legal for sale in Mass, such as S&W, Paraordance, etc. without all of these features.

    You can even purchase M&P's in Mass with or without a mag safety. (But they will all have the 10# trigger).

    If you want a thorough understanding of Mass laws, go to and search the "gun laws" forum. There are several expert firearm lawyers who are regulars there.

    And you can often find the gun you want in the "Classified -> Handguns" forum.

    One last point that many people misunderstand - There are no banned handguns in Mass. There are laws prohibiting sales of certain handguns, as we've been discussing, but no ban on ownership of any handgun. You need the proper license of course......
  9. -ninja-


    Jul 20, 2008
    How would I go about ordering one by mail? I am by no means a expert with the laws. I have done a lot of research on northeast shooters. I know if a LEO buys a new glock he can sell it to anybody. I know if you move into this state you can bring your new glock in. I have read many times that you cannot buy a new glock from someone out of state. I really hope I am wrong about this. If what you are saying is true, people in mass would not be paying $700+ for a 10yo glock with dings and a 10rd mag.

    I am not saying you are wrong, but I always hear ppl saying yes this is legal and then some say no it is not, I dont know who to belive anymore.
  10. Dave C

    Dave C

    Mar 17, 2008
    The worst MA reality is the way licenses are issued and or revoked. The Police Chief of your city or town has the power to approve or revoke your license if he or she deems you an "unsuitable person". It has been made clear to me that in my city if your associated with what the chief views as a tainted gun (such as a gun someone worked their way around the AG's intention to ban post 1998 Glocks) you are in his view an unsuitable person. This power is virtually unchallengable. In other words, you may win in court and lose your license.

    In this state the right to bear arms is not a right.
  11. You are correct, you cannot mail order a new Glock. However, there is at least one retailer somewhere out west (Oregon or Washington?) that periodically offers batches of used (i.e. pre-1998) Glocks for sale, targeting states like Mass. It is completely legal to buy those.
  12. Cody Jarrett

    Cody Jarrett

    Sep 14, 2006
    I happen to think the third generation glock is among the most reliable gun ever made. When you need that gun to defend you family, function is beauty. the loudest sound in the world is "CLICK." I would gladly pay the additional amount for the reliability and durable of this fine weapon.
  13. S. Kelly

    S. Kelly

    Jan 31, 2000
    Boston MA
    Any Glock with a serial number lower than CWT607US is pre Sept 10th, 1998 and is legal to have shipped into MA.
  14. zysus


    Feb 7, 2010
    New Hampshire

    Due to job reasons I will probably have to move from the free state of NH to the People's Republic of MA. I expect to have to be in MA 1-3 years.

    I presently own a number of Glocks. I want to poll the troops here to figure out the best legal way to move to MA.

    My plan is as follows:
    1. Send all post-ban standard cap mags (>10 rnds) to my parents in Florida for safe keeping until I can move back to NH.
    2. Put guns in a safe place in NH until I can secure a MA permit. Local gun ranges will rent lockers in highly secure locations.
    3. Mail order post-ban <10 rnd mags.
    4. Get MA permit.
    5. Bring Glocks to MA.
    6. Join GOAL and send them $ until MA laws get better.
    7. Vote pro-gun in MA as much as possible.
    8a. Leave MA as soon as finances permit for NH or VT. OR
    8b. Buy a seasonal rental home in NH/VT ASAP and keep guns safely stored there.

  15. Hye Tyde

    Hye Tyde longboarder

    Oct 11, 2010
    Gloucester, Massachusetts
    I think you bring all your stuff in, but you have 10 days get get your permit. I stand to be corrected.

    And good luck getting a mail order place to mail a post-ban mag to Mass! Not gonna happen, legally that is. Pre-ban large capacity mags command a huge premium here.

    I have a glock 23, so I'm only robbed of 3 rounds, so hunting around for tired, $75 pre-ban mags isn't worth the hassle.

    But welcome to Mass, you'll find the shooters down here are stoked as in NH, and we don't drive Prius's :supergrin:
  16. Vietboy1st


    May 9, 2011
    Still you can see seller selling their glock gen 3 and gen 4 in mass all the time. i got a G19g4 myself bought it from a store..