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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by ateegee, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Hi, all you GT'rs–

    New to pistol shooting and looking forward to checking out all the great info here. I am currently a proud owner of (2) 2nd gen. G-19's.

    I am hoping some of you can point me in the right direction/forums/threads, as I'm seriously considering turning one into an amateur steel killing race gun, for local wed. night matches.

    Some of my first questions are:
    Am I wasting my time mod'ing a G-19? should I trade it in for a G-17, before doing anything?

    Other questions regard the Mods.> RDS's, Magwells, Trigger suggestions, etc.

    Thanks for reading and again looking forward to tapping into some great Glock knowledge!!!

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  3. :welcome:

    I'd ask your questions in General Glocking.

  4. DannyR

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    You may wish to ask in the Competition Forum.:wavey:
  5. CanMan

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    Welcome! Don't trade anything in.... if you can just buy another. No kidding! Very few of us come out of a trade on top. :wavey:
  6. :welcome: if you are going for steel killing games only, I'll will go with a 34, even better a 35, but I'll try a couple of times with your 19 and then decide, good luck and happy shooting.
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  7. Welcome to GT!
  8. Welcome to GT!
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
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    Welcome to GT.
  11. jdl2

    Welcome from NYS!

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