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Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by mickmsr, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. An Australian SAS Trooper and a US Marine were standing at the urinal of a local pub.
    The Trooper finished first and left without washing his hands. The Marine looked on in disgust, finished his squirt and washed his hands. He walked up to the Trooper and said "In the USMC, we're taught to wash our hands after a leak."
    The rather large Trooper stared at the Marine for a second and replied, "Mate, in the SAS, we're taught not to piss on our hands.";C ;I ;Y
  2. Guest

    And to think I used to have a decent opinion of the Aussie SAS. Guess I'll stick with the Kiwis instead.

    Oh, and just a quick jab back. At least our rifles work.

  3. MarineTech.
    Our rifles work only, which end do you stick the magazine???
  4. Guest

    Well Mick, perhaps you should ask your CSM. He could probably sort it out for you. Struth

    Seriously though. I do have a lot of respect for you gents especially and the Aussie military in general. Did a training operation with you lot back in the early 90's and have to say that you're all very professional. As I remember though, you folks were having problems with the AUG at the time, although the Parker Hale rifle was excellent. I even looked after a few of your naval lads on shore leave from the submarine Orion when they pulled into Yokusuka Japan.

    If you ever get to the states, first shout is on me as long as you promise to keep the ANZACs away from our women (crazy buggers).