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Marine Corps General Reinwald was interviewed

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by 40 glock, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. 40 glock

    40 glock

    Sep 17, 2001
    Washington State
    I got this from a friend so I don't have the source article may be true may not be who knows but its funny.

    Marine Corps General Reinwald was interviewed on the radio the other day by a female interviewer concerning guns and children. Regardless of how you feel about gun control this is one of the best comeback lines of all time.

    It is a portion of a National Public Radio (NPR) interview between the
    female broadcaster and US Marine Corps General Reinwald as he was
    preparing to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military installation.

    FEMALE INTERVIEWER: So, General Reinwald, what things are you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base?

    GENERAL REINWALD: We're going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery and shooting.

    FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Shooting! That's a bit irresponsible, isn't it?

    GENERAL REINWALD: I don't see why, they'll be properly supervised on the rifle range.

    FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Don't you admit that this is a terribly dangerous
    activity to be teaching children?

    GENERAL REINWALD: I don't see how. We will be teaching them proper Rifle
    discipline before they even touch a firearm.

    FEMALE INTERVIEWER: But you're equipping them to become violent killers.

    GENERAL REINWALD: Well, you're equipped to be a prostitute, but you're not
    one, are you?

    The radio went silent and the interview ended.

    You gotta love the Marines!
  2. Fred

    Fred Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Dec 17, 1998
    but it never happened. Urban legend, but since it's a joke, I'm moving to the Lighter Side.

  3. 4bricksShy


    Oct 29, 2001
  4. 40 glock

    40 glock

    Sep 17, 2001
    Washington State
    Kinda figured as much but never heard it before I still think thats dang funny
  5. Fraser

    Fraser Millennium Member

    Dec 19, 1998
    There is no such USMC general with that name.